USA and Mexico considering joint-bids for the 2026 World Cup

There are media reports that USA and Mexico might be considering a joint bid for the 2026 World Cup.

It is believed that discussions have already started with FIFA at the Congress that was held in Mexico last week.

One member of the United States Soccer Federation has been reported as saying that they are very open to the idea of hosting a World Cup together and confirmed that they have already started talks with the Mexico federation. However, talks are still at a beginning stage, and nothing concrete has come out as yet.

He said that FIFA seems to be quite interested in the idea, and it is up to both federations to come out with a timetable and a serious plan to convince FIFA of giving them the 2026 World Cup.

The spokesperson also added that they will be bidding for the 2026 World Cup whether it is a joint bid with Mexico or whether it is alone. Indeed, the last time the USA has hosted the World Cup was in 1994 and they will feel that it is high time that the tournament comes to the USA again. With the growing popularity of football in the United States, a US World Cup will certainly be more successful than it already was last time.

The Mexican Federation has also confirmed that they are interested in an idea of a joint bid and that they have already spoken to the FIFA president about this possibility. It is believed that the president is also favorable to this idea.

Japan and South Korea was the last two countries to have staged a World Cup together, and FIFA might feel that it could be the right time to try this experiment again with Mexico and the USA.

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