HIGHLIGHTS: Philadelphia Union vs Chicago Fire

Online video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Get the hell.over the commentators theres a volume button for a reason just use it

  2. Why is Fernandez with Chicago?

  3. i hope more for inform friedrich .
    maybe they both get inform

  4. Macmath hasn’t been on his game lately. He is young, but I’ve seen him make incredible saves earlier in the season and even last year. He might be getting a little tired and overwhelmed with pressure as he is only 21 or something… I have good feelings about the union in 2013 though!

  5. TheCescFabregaz

    smells like an Inform rolfe :))

  6. whats the guy in the background holding in his hands at 3:35???

  7. the commentators are selected by the network or in some cases are appointed by the team/organization. come on prmoseley try to know what your talking about

  8. MacMath is terrible

  9. the “soccer specialist” commentator is absolutely terrible. his commentary is annoying, his soccer knowledge seems limited and on rolfe’s second goal, the keeper is clearly set, he just guesses rolfe’s going far post and when that guess turns about to be wrong, he’s off balance. but initially he’s set. dumbass commentator too ignorant to change her first opinion

  10. Chris Rolfe is awesome!

  11. “if you’re closest you get it right?”

    commentators don’t even know the rules.
    come on MLS get rid of the shitty commentators

  12. supermcdonaldsbros

    Soumare played horribly. MacMath is just not a very good keeper, though he is young. Just a bad day overall for the Union.

  13. Fk U ! i lost bet i should take away win ! damn u UNION !!!

  14. Was hoping Philly could win this one but good back to back scores for Chicago.

  15. Yup noticed that too.

  16. Christopher Reicher

    On the third goal for the Fire, Zac MacMath assumed that there was going to be a cross and stepped towards the PK Spot and couldn’t reach the ball.

  17. Yay IF Rolfe FIFA 12 FTW

  18. Christopher Reicher


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