Seattle Sounders 2011 Goals

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  1. ehsbasketball10

    5:12 i was at that game near´╗┐ that goal… it was amazing!!! final score was 6-2 sounders ­čÖé

  2. Sounders Till I Die!!!!!

  3. Your mom´╗┐ invented playoff failure.

  4. i want to´╗┐ play at this club ;P

  5. Sounders mls´╗┐ cup title 2012

  6. Seattle´╗┐ invented playoff failure.

  7. IT’S MARCHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  8. I freakin love´╗┐ Fernandez!

  9. 06:42 …EPIC FAIL´╗┐

  10. Seattle’s commentator is the´╗┐ total number one.
    From a die-hard Vancouver fan

  11. natethegreat178

    That has´╗┐ summed up my last 3 and a half months! I am still waiting in my cave!

  12. DaKeepHasbeenChipped


  13. I completely agree with you. Compared to the epic orchestral music from the EPremierLeague, MLS music´╗┐ is awful.

  14. what terrible music. shame´╗┐ on MLS for cheerleaders, shame on MLS for their awful choice of music for game introductions, shame on MLS for their poor choice of football club locations. Move Chivas to San Diego and the football club would thrive. Change the name of San Jose “Earthquakes” (awful nickname) to Bay Area United, and give the MLS Cup to the team with the most points and allow the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place teams battle in a post-season tournament for 2nd and 3rd place trophies.

  15. Sounders rule North´╗┐ America

  16. i agree to disagree with you.. i think it’s´╗┐ awesome.

  17. Actually I do, I have halo videos on my channel.. I just think its´╗┐ unfitting and ugly.

  18. congratulations.. you’re the only person that does not´╗┐ like xbox lol

  19. damn´╗┐ that was a long video.. ­čśë

  20. excited for the´╗┐ season to start after watching this! but now i cant sleep..

  21. deadlyharborseal

    the music sucks. i´╗┐ recommend watching this video on mute and instead have your own music playing.

  22. rockslideproductions

    Sounders scored 73 goals in all competitions this year.

    Ended up´╗┐ with 1.66 goals/game. That is boss.

  23. Good to see Zakuani playing before´╗┐ he was executed by Mullan.

  24. Because other leagues don’t´╗┐ need to

  25. marefoecunditatis

    Go Sounders! greetings from Japan´╗┐ ­čśÇ

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