Studio 90: WNT Ready for Korea DPR at Old Trafford

Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. Soccer in the rain is the best!

  2. This reporter is reporting from manchester! No need to say “manchester, england”.

  3. Old Trafford is also called ”Theatre of Dreams” 

  4. it doesnt work for me cos i live in australia 🙁

  5. they are the only Women’s Int team in 102 years! that’s crazy!! Such a sweet opportunity

  6. go to the nbc olympics site. all highlight videos are there for every game

  7. go to nbcolympics (dot) com, every game has a highlight video

  8. its up its up! yay

  9. Probably not because NBC owns the footage, not US Soccer 🙁

  10. 0:58 hahahah tobs

  11. Rachel looks so different when her hair isn’t in a ponytail

  12. sweetrevenge0987


  13. will there be highlight videos from all the olympic games?

  14. i want a hat trick today from ALEX MORGAN!!

  15. I’m glad they suspended the columbian player for 2 matches for punching Abby in the face.

  16. afdwbspeedybri23

    Ha I love playing soccer in the rain. 🙂

  17. Nice vid. The hairy armed guy holding the mic needs to stand closer to the camera. Bueler and Morgan have their bodies turned too far away from the camera.

  18. hollywoodwerewolf

    perhaps Hope’s PR people said it’s off limits. And who wants a withering Hope Solo stare or a walk out if they did ask?

  19. why didn’t they interview hope and ask about her twitter exploits?? lol


  21. Obviously the transitive property means bupkus in sports but since we beat France and France utterly eviscerated NK, we should have no problem handling NK. They’ll put up a fight but we will win, even if Coach Sundhage elects to field several usual substitutes in the starting 11, since this isn’t a must-win game.

  22. pretty sure that’s her normal hair

  23. Just win girls! We are supporting you no matter what!

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