US Soccer – Don’t Tread on Me

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When the world runs with the money, there can be various and thousands reason for the urge of money

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  1. lol its dempsey

  2. mr. portugal stfu cause we have done something that you guys haven’t which is reach a final in an international competition

  3. FavreianVengeance

    USA just beat Mexico in Mexico.

  4. Why the fuck don’t you, Butthurt Sexist Pig!

  5. Americans have to learn that “Football” is the name, and not Soccer, and also, the Original FOOTBALL is the most important sport in the world.

  6. Esquivelionaire

    Shat da fack up!

  7. Soccer in the United States: IT’S A WOMAN’S GAME!

  8. what ever

  9. PortugalFOREVER10

    Thats what i was saying….. You’re an idiot…. I agree that 3rd division La Liga would mess up MLS. And im not a yank, I’m european. My grammer is terrible my bad. Youre such an idiot. Haha. American Futebol sucks I totally agree with you. You need to learn how to read. 😛

  10. Who is the artist

  11. Wo sing this song

  12. No! Its only called football in USA and they dont even like it, they preffer shit like baseball and hockey

  13. No shit youre in a different country.

  14. it’s football not “soccer”

  15. TheCheezewhizard

    It’s frustrating to read dirtybunny’s comments. First of all he’s making an all cookies are oreos saying that soccer players and athletes are the exact same thing. Secondly the U.S. is the most versatile country when it comes to sports and athletics. There is a vast variety of sports played in the U.S. that require tons of pure athletic. And there is also a reason why the U.S. leads olympic history in both golds (896), and total medals (2191), doubling that of the country with the next most.

  16. MEXICO 5-0 GOLDCUP jajajaja 

  17. unfortunately it is not the most popular sport in america all tv feeds grasp at baseball when in season,or nfl when in season,or basketball when in season. they are cultural Institutions that breed laziness and violence in the extreme of people. football has a reputation for violence yet the game is enjoyed by many more peaceful fans! rugby and nfl are the same as boxing or mma sports you couldnr pay me to watch. why have your Women stepping into a ring now? sparta moderne is usa

  18. To everyone who is having the (cough*) Origins conversation, leave that garbage for Marvel Comics.why is soccer the number one “football” sport in the world?British imperialism…Wanna know why American football players wear helmets and shoulder pads?They’re called Free Safeties.Add running at full speed in one direction while you look in another…if you cant figure it outfind a football fan willing to help you with a tutorial.SPORTS are all boring if you never bothered to understand/play them.

  19. WTf?!
    When did i say soccer was the #1 sport in the USA?
    Now you’re just putting words in my mouth.
    Of course soccer isnt the #1 sport in the USA, DUH! who didnt know this??

  20. 2Exotic2Fly2High

    “Soccer” Doesn’t belong in your country, you can’t even play it, you suck. Thats why you have a gay little sport called “football” where you play for 5 sec. rest 10 sec. and so on, your all fat and lazy to keep moving, basketball? please what skill does that involve, bouncing a ball, passing, and shooting?

  21. Just because soccer is the # 1 sport in the WORLD. Does not mean it’s the #1 sport in the US. Big difference..

  22. You didn’t mention any extrreme sports athletes.. Like Shaun white, Travis Pastrana, Ryan Sheckler. Haha sports are worthless here but soccer is growing and soon we will be top competitors. But until then give us all the shit while you can:)

  23. How is my ignorance going to blind me?
    Y did you say that?

  24. Duh ive been there, ive also played gaelic football + ive played football, dont guess look up these sports origins… LOL ! Now i;m off to watch Spain vs France !

  25. Ha soccer actually evolved from rugby first.And they don’t just play one yard then rest, their training is just as hard as anything else. Besides how would you even know?

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