HIGHLIGHTS: Vancouver Whitecaps vs FC Dallas, MLS August 16th

Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Atiba dfc miss u

  2. Dallas till I die! Proud to be from Dallas and an FC Dallas fan!

  3. Square and Fair? Isn’t it Fair and Square? Anyways, The ref missed TWO FCD handball in their box, 1 tackle in the box so we should have gotten 3 PK’s and the ref favored FCD ALOT! I mean If the Whitecaps touched a FCD player that was a foul…

  4. ChristosTheMessi

    Screw y’all Dallas haters Dallas won square and fair that’s it no complaining

  5. Did Barry Robson leave his right leg back in scotland??? fuck me i’ve seen 13 year olds with better use of both legs than this guy

  6. ChampCarforlife

    Looks like FC Dallas is making a nice late season run and if they make the playoffs they could be the most dangerous team in the bracket.

  7. Some damn good kicked set pieces this game. Good goalkeeping.

  8. That’s probably just ONE, loud guy booing Dallas. We have some bloody passionate fans!

  9. And 8:31, also for the same reason!

  10. Damn it. If we had beaten Dallas, and Seattle later, we would have been challenging for 2nd place in the West! But it was a great match. DeMerit was missed, along with Richards and Mattocks. BTW, we should have got a penalty at @7:10 for shirt tugging!

  11. Thank you Dallas! Nice one for holding the Whitecaps off of the Galaxy who are now currently third in the west, all the way from rock bottom. VAMOS Angelinos!

  12. FC Dallas is the best <3 XD

  13. As an FC Dallas Fan. I hope Whitecaps make playoffs.

  14. Robson sometimes is too selfish

  15. 0:01 I keep expecting a glittery metro-sexual vampire will jump out from one of those trees…. =/

  16. that second dallas goal was just good all around

  17. man ferreira really helps dallas

  18. It would be impressive for any team that is not currently in the Western Conference playoffs to work their way in.

  19. They were booing the shitty ref and dallas! It has nothing to do with being canadian either

  20. damn canadians booing there team, no respect.

  21. FCD is working back up x)

  22. Dallas ‘Til I Die!

  23. Fcd is back!

  24. Vancouver has some good fans!

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