Kelley O’Hara: Kelley by the Bay [Back Home]

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There has been no evidence that sprint and t-mobile have used such codes

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  1. gorgeous smile, gorgeous person.

  2. she looks so beautiful here. she always is.

  3. Will there be second one?

  4. Alex Morgan is from Diamond Bar aha

  5. she’s so pretty!! :)

  6. Its all about Aly Krieger she is fine.. way better looking then O’Hara in my opinion.

  7. That’s the Cali life, glad KO lives in SanFran! Abby lives in LA….who else? Buelher from Del Mar

  8. pandasenjoiskating

    I kind of thought that too when I was watching. They should have had her invite some friends to tag along

  9. her and tobin should teach the rest of the team to surf

  10. Almost all of us guys and ladies are all over Kelley O’hara! ;D

    But can anyone confirm or does anyone know if she already has a significant other!? :l

  11. Damn she’s gorgeous. Hell, all of the defenders are gorgeous. Even Buelher… :P

  12. she’s so pretty and seems like an amazing person! :p

  13. I know her aunt and uncle!

  14. Aviators..Surfing..Food trucks and awesome soccer player…very kool…

  15. She’s adorable… still love Megan Rapinoe more though, sorry Kelly. 😉

  16. wow I could honestly watch this all day… she’s perfect

  17. i wish we could of seen where she lives

  18. “my plan of attack..” xD

  19. SheKickBallsBIGballs

    she seems lonley lol

  20. oldskooldoritos

    smart move, KO. GA is the worst.

  21. didnt even know she was a cali gurl….i would love to meet her one day im jus two hrs away lol…sactown to da bay

  22. Marry me please Kelley O’Hara!

  23. woo georgia!so happy she’s from there. my teammates sister played with her during club 🙂

  24. She is so hot. #yeshomo

  25. I’d love to live in California……..if the state wasn’t in so much debt.

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