HIGHLIGHTS: New York Red Bulls vs Chicago Fire

Video Rating: four / five

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  1. If you didn’t want to go, why didn’t you say so?LOL

  2. So let me get this straight. I’m going to miss a day of pay, for ONE GAME, to go see the red bulls at 12 pm in the afternoon in HARRISON NJ which is a pain in the ass to get to, and I’m going to sit in 100 degree heat wave weather + humidity in a stadium that’s like a cooker. Be realistic man. Who would spend their limited amount of holiday off days for that? If they wanted people to come they should have scheduled it later.

  3. That was terrific goal from Henry.

  4. LOL Is taking holiday frowned upon in NYC, come to London you can work your arse off and take holidays it’s revolutionary LOL.

  5. The first part of nl3paul3nl’s comment – “oh AMERICANS. If YOU build a stadium this big”

  6. What is that song on MSG in the beginning of the video they use? It’s like the Red Bulls intro on MSG, at 0:06?

  7. An average player in Europe its a super star in USA (football)

  8. take a day off? in NY? please.

  9. @LilRedRasta Lol it’s called taking a day off? New York is one of the most populated cities in the U.S. Take a day off to support your football team.. oops I mean soccer team

  10. What does number 1 have to do with anything? The fact that the Yankees were playing & there was rain in the forecast was a big factor as well..

  11. This is my favorite commentary duo in MLS!

  12. no one ask you and cares about that you fucking moron! god, youre stupid!

  13. lol thats true, but our population is 5x bigger..besides its NY nobody gets out of work til 5-7 pm. better luck next time mate.. lol

  14. ‘The people in my country have jobs’

  15. US 8.2 UK 8.1 yeah higher amirite? and what does the uk have to do with this game you moronic cunt!

  16. The united states have a higher unemployment rate than that of the uk

  17. Thierry Henry shows his class, SUPERB!!!

  18. Tell me about it. I could barely leave my house.

  19. im a TFC fan but i love NYRB and especially henry’s classy finishes. go new york!

  20. 1)Redbull is not an American company
    2)The stadium is rather small actually, seats 25,000
    3)This was a WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON game, kickoff at 1pm local time.
    4)It was 100+ Degrees at kickoff

  21. NY red bulls stadium is in NJ. Just saying… i know cause i live a couple blocks from it

  22. What is the crowd chanting at 5:20 after the henry goal?

  23. Not just NY, but across the country

  24. Gorgeous goal by Henry!

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