Studio 90: WNT Take Gold with Win against Japan

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  1. heylookitsmiranda494

    i love Pia…

  2. “there are no words, i cant even do it in Swedish.” -Pia

  3. @hollywoodwerewolf Yes, the lady at the end said the game is going live on NBC

  4. I’ve been playing soccer my whole life. I was training with the high schoolers during the world cup and the coach was like, “Everyone needs to turn on the womens world cup and watch some games”. I never watched soccer really before.  Ever since that Brazil game I have to watch every game. I love this team. It makes me sad I gave up soccer:'(

  5. I just thought of that….maybe some for the 2 friendlies in September? Probably. Hopefully. The only reason I go on Youtube is to check if there are more videos of the USWNT.

  6. Reece<3333!!!

  7. where can I find the highlights?

  8. seriously , give heather soltis a jersey by now. she eats sleeps and breathed this team for the past two weeks!

  9. i’m surprised that this isn’t a longer video…

  10. will you shut up? people are getting so annoying with all the complaining. the better team won. not every ref is perfect, and you cant expect a ref to make every single call. japan was not robbed at all, they couldn’t finish a single shot. the only goal they had made was a open goal, solo was 2 good that game. canada wasent robbed.. they could not keep the lead. usa was the better team and put their chances away, like they should have.

  11. USA should have been in the Bronze medal match,Canada was robbed against them and Japan was robbed against them in the final,USA is a great team but the refs helped them win the Gold this time

  12. she can likely make 2015 Canada but that might be it

  13. hollywoodwerewolf

    I hope all their games of the Victory Tour are televised

  14. *Side Note* Poetic justice I think. Melissa Tancredi stomps on Carli Lloyd’s head, doesn’t get suspended for Bronze medal match. Carli comes back in the Gold Medal match and scores two goals. BOSS.

  15. So Proud of this team. Their entire journey since that final PK in the 2011 WWC til that final note in the National Anthem yesterday has been amazing. Well deserved. On to 2015!!

  16. i feel the same!!! :(:(

  17. dcunitedfan4ever

    Japan played a great game with two balls hitting the post in the first half, but Carli Loyd was on fire

  18. i wanna cry, since we probably wont get to see that many videos of the female team anymore, at least until another tournament starts 🙁

  19. I love this team.

  20. applepieisgood100

    Pia is mad cute

  21. yeah wambach is a beast she like the women version of zlatan but she in her 30’s now i doubt she’ll be their for the world cup rapinoe also a major player lets see who the usa are going to get to replace them

  22. @Ben Baker Yea! Let’s petition!

  23. this team needs to come to Boston!!

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