Sounders roll LA, Battle in the East, Tragedy in Columbus – The Daily 8/06

Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. That LA keeper is absolutely shocking.

  2. What did he die of..?

  3. encantamorado20

    omg i commented before the video finished, how rude…RIP Kirk! 🙁

  4. It’s about time Espinoza gets a look from europe, the guy is a hard worker on that midfield. 

  5. dcunitedfan4ever

    RIP Kirk

  6. R.I.P Kirk Urso! You were a great player for the Columbus Crew. You will be missed 🙁

  7. DuctTapeBanditJ

    They share it with the Seahawks and the Huskies (until Husky Stadium is remodeled).

  8. Ehem… SIIIIXTH jokes

  9. shared.

  10. encantamorado20

    Does Century Link stadium belong to the Sounders or do they share it with the Seahawks?

  11. Ehem… THHHHIIRRRRDDD jokes

  12. ThatSoccerMaster

    Ehem… SEEEECCOONND jokes

  13. Ehem… FIIIIRRSST jokes

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