US Soccer Team Lip-Dubs Miley Cyrus

Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

Die hchstgrenzen ist dort, wo dein komplettes einkommen + wohngeld und kinderzuschlag den hartz iv – betrag bersteigen

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  1. so amazing they won gold this Olympics whoo hoo Party In The USA!

  2. Party in the USA >>>> Call me maybe

  3. how big of a dyke is that mutt at 1:47????

  4. the girl on the right hand side at 1:19 in bed is so pretty. had to watch it a couple of times. so funny. would love to know who that is 😉

  5. It would of been LIVE if they used Lil trill or Lil boosie

  6. Loved it. Great job

  7. aspiringtripletrheat

    why in the world would you put a HUGE promo right in the middle of the vid and leave it there the whole time???????? it would have made more since to either put it at the beginning or very end…smh it was a good video but that messed it all up.

  8. 0:42 you never wipe o-o

  9. mmmaddiemerrill

    that awkward moment when u realize that the guy doing te other guys makeup looks like louis tomlinson…

  10. AppleTVOnlineNetwork

    Amazing Song!

  11. MarsTVOnlineNetwork

    🙂 hotter!

  12. Usa call me maybe was better then Uk diving squad sexy and i know it then this sorry guys

  13. MarsTVOnlineNetwork

    Thank you! Send us your email. We will send the clear version!

  14. MarsTVOnlinenetwork is stupid enough to leave the yellow note on through the whole video so you get a DISLIKE from me!

  15. needs more alex morgan

  16. hothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothot
    tobuscus now has what he needs for his next hothothot

  17. There channel is noc

  18. Sorry soccer but I think the swim team won omg I was watching this guy he said soccer won cuz they had a toilet sene

  19. the swim teams ‘call me maybe’ was better… but the soccer team girls are so much hotter.

  20. Total FAIL.


  21. MarsTVOnlineNetwork

    Everything USA is good haha

  22. swim teams call me maybe is better haha

  23. is that hot girl from 1:35 to 1:45 is morgan?

  24. Hope is a b*tch and thinks she’s too good. Ugly, gross girl.

  25. Might want to stick to Soccer….just sayin….

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