HIGHLIGHTS: Chicago Fire vs Houston Dynamo, April 15, 2012

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  1. Houston is my team!

  2. critical

    Americans stop now even play soccer. that’s an order. Why do not you play hocky or basketball? soccer is for the people of Brazil ok! I am a girl living the city of Rio de Janeiro and not accept it! stop soccer, I’m ordering!

  3. AlfieWhattamMagic

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  4. Stop trying to speak English.

  5. andre932004yahoo

    american stop play soccer…. u should play hockey or baseball or football. soccer is for europeans!

  6. I agree Dynamo could have pulled out a win possibly if the rain hadn’t stopped the game Chicago looked very sloppy.

  7. 1:50 that defender made a dumb mistake

  8. Bruin!! Dynamo need to have more of that. Very nice run off the ball, but Jermaine Taylor’s delivery from the back was epic. Oh and a cheap goal from Pavel. Just a lucky deflection.

  9. Super Pavel!!!

  10. Fire look deadly this year

  11. Loving the Rainbow Flag TIFO. Respect from the Southsiders!

  12. i was there pretty good game bad wether ugh lets goo pappa!


  14. Obviously he was being sarcastic. Have you not learn what such a word means or how it’s used in a daily basis?

  15. your not making any sense.

  16. The ref was like “fuck it, I’m cold”

  17. Wow end of the match in 66 minutes.

  18. jadedfeelings21

    This will be a good delay based off my fantasy team winning or losing

  19. An hour delay?!

  20. Not much of a game considering the weather.

  21. Let’s go Fire! Champions of draws!

  22. what type of dog is this?

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