HIGHLIGHTS: Vancouver Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake, August 11, 2012

Movie Rating: five / 5

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  1. Horrible shadows!

  2. Atiba is the best

  3. richards goal was so sick!!

  4. Go ! Go ! Go ! Whitecaps all the wayyyy !!!!

  5. I was there :) Great game!!

  6. Nazreen Mohammed

    Is the keeper diving or flying? Lol. At least he must dive more practise.

  7. They do it to take time off the clock. The keeper did it at the end because they were already in stoppage time and they didn’t want to give up another goal

  8. Sorry man, next game when a goal is scored I’ll do some acrobatics in the stands for you.

  9. It sucks cannon had a red card

  10. I think the Whitecaps will win a championship before the Canucks


  12. completechaos21

    You apparently don’t watch Seattle or Portland games then?

  13. SharpshooterXIV

    Some high class goals this week.

  14. We do have regular goalkeeper kits.  I guess they just like the third!

  15. I love that mls has the highlights so easily accessible! Thanks guys!

  16. 2:37 and 3:42 Enjoy!

  17. Super excited for this club and where it’s going. We just had our inaugural season last year and came in dead last in the league. Now after hiring a solid manager and making wholesale changes we are are a compete different team. As long as the management keep showing us fans the genuine effort they are putting into transforming this team into a winner, the fan base will grow and maybe be can even match the sounders supporters one day 😉

  18. Yeah, I thought that was weird too.

  19. You’re an idiot. Look at any normal regular season game in any league and fans do the same thing. No one goes absolutely wild all the time. Only for important games.

  20. Richards has just scored againts ya, WHATCHA GONNA DOO?!??!

  21. YP Lee.

  22. luvin how dem Jamaicans kick… 

  23. to kill time

  24. THANX TO Dane Richards and Darren Mattocks….
    my opinion of coarse

  25. I just cant get over the fact of how lame MLS fans are. When your team scores a goal, the stadium should erupt and fans should be rejoicing and hugging each other. They shouldnt be just clapping like as if its some boring soap opera. Have some passion…

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