Chicago Fire Department – Everyone Goes Home

Video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. My heart goes out to all firefighters. I’m going to school now to become one and hopefully one day be apart of the Chicago fire dept. That is my dream city to work in but most importantly i am most focused on helping other just lake these brave men do every time they go to work.

  2. Great video, Great group of Men and Women……..The Chicago Fire Dept………..My Heroes!!!

  3. Making My members watch this next rainy night.

  4. Same here

  5. Fantastic video about fantastic people. Nothing more needs to be said.

  6. Amazing video! I am so proud of my father who is a firefighter for the city of Chicago! One day my dream will come to wear a Chicago Fire Dept. uniform and serve this great city.

  7. illumanti plan for 2012 video on here,nuclear plan for us ! flouride in water is rat poision…,,,sars let out to targe tasians,ben fulford is it true ? more on ooochange twitter,thanks….to longgggg to write here…

  8. chicago is fallen too,nato summit ! ive heard some evil rumours ! safe camps for people..nwo ! ? george bush said that dissadents would go to camps….will you stand by as your brothers go bye bye ? or have a heart….

  9. Wow…..powerful.

  10. Salute to Chicago Fire Department! :’)

  11. Everyone needs to watch this no matter how big or small ur department is or whether your paid or vol. puts alot of perspective in your mind! Everyone Goes Home!!

  12. It’s because of you men and the men in this video that has given me the great love for this job you guys that gave your life doing the job you loved honor those that have pasted and thank you to those present I hope to be half the firemen you guys are I’m finishing up my hiring process right and hopefully off to fire school this year thank you to all firemen everywhere stay safe brothers

  13. @6:00 min. FF Michael Frye says it best! I tear up everytime I hear this!

  14. zombiesinmotion

    will some one post a video on how to become come a fire fighter

  15. Great video. With firefighting and law enforcement in my background, this is very inspirational.

  16. Chief Hoff instructed my first live burn house training fire while on duty 20 years ago and he left an immediate and long lasting impression with me. I wish him the best of days to come.

  17. Well Done CFD! Watching this video started pretty superficial with me paying half attention and then it gradually dug deep inside me and the next thing I realized I couldn’t stop watching, I was almost in tears at times and thinking of my own close calls. Thanks for sharing with the world. I’ll make sure to pass this on to all the firefighters on my department.

  18. cool, thanks for the answer.
    sometimes it’s not good to see the whole
    by the part.

  19. its not an illinois accent, it is litterally only in chicago and about a 25 mile radius surrounding. Everyone else in the state doesn’t sound much like this.

  20. This is really a great video. Watched with my wife. I’ve forwarded it to our department, and volunteers. Hope all the guys and girls will pick this message up!

  21. strange accent in illinois.

  22. strange accent in illinois.

  23. sad though.

  24. huh?
    oh, I actually read “Chicago Fire Department – Everyone Goes Homo”.
    This makes more sense 🙂

  25. City of Riverside Fire in California station 2 watched this as a crew and enjoyed it and really took to heart the message they were trying to get out.

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