GOAL Beckham’s wonder strike seals victory, LA Galaxy April 2012

Video clip Score: four / 5

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  2. haha lmao

  3. English commentators: and once again England has been knocked out of the world cup, Oh well maybe one day

  4. that commentator is biased. he’s for the portland timbers, not for the galaxy. in mls, they don’t broadcast all their games on a national television channel, only regional. so when the local team scores, they jizz (but when the away team scores, they’re like”oh…meh”). i like mls, but i hate that aspect of mls.

  5. Beckham,,,,,,, Te Amo

  6. Worst, most boring commentators I’ve ever heard

  7. it looks like a video game when david slides on his knees


  9. I don’t think that’s the reason why.

    But perhaps the league could use better commentators.

  10. its the commentators, I hate watching the Mexican, Argentine commentators that everytime that Man u play, only talk about him, so I turn to English and love the british commentators 🙂 their accent just goes with the game, but i like the commentator named Diego Pessolano, he is good, he knows English, Portuguese, and Italian.

  11. Q jugadoraso que sigue siendo david BECKAM uno de los mas grandes k a abido sin duda

  12. HAHAHAHAHA you like soccer you fucken faggot ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. I felt like the defense could’ve done a lot more, if I was the one closest in front of him I would’ve put a lot more effort into getting in front and stopping the shot… that defender in front of beckham sort of looked like he gave up… o.O

  14. PutEmInTheGrave

    damn right man, but hey we europeans don’t take the MLS seriously anyway.
    I’m only here for this man’s legendary right foot!

  15. Never improve?

  16. “Thats David Beckham at his very best (facepalm)

  17. anyone see that it curved o.o

  18. The commentators are obviously not from America!

  19. why are you against the beautiful game spreading?

  20. that’s the opposing team’s announcer

  21. all the pop-ups pissed me off

  22. That’s a bad first touch by beckham..

  23. God!, why did You give such a foot to him, and those ones to me???!!!???!!!


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