Behind the Crest: The Final Stop [WNT: Series 3, Ep. 5]

Movie Score: 4 / five

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  1. Becky Sauerbrun, she’s a sub defender

  2. Whos the player signing the autograph in the front left at 1:56 ?

  3. not sure how to deal with Tobs’ screaming at 2:53 .. that is soo cute!

  4. @Roguedemon31 they only do BTC for tournaments, they’ll probably do it for World Cup qualifying

  5. Andrea Yesupatham

    Thanks you SO MUCH for posting these videos!! Keep it up!! These videos are amazing!! Well done!!!

  6. They came as alternates.

  7. Will there be a “Behind the Crest” for the upcoming USMNT friendly?

  8. TangledUmbrellas


  9. Little did they know they were going to win gol! 6:25-6:50 CONGRATS ON GOLD LADIES!!

  10. They’re not allowed to display the logo of any nation’s federation (in this case, the USSF) during the Olympic games.

  11. imcoolerthanyou1581

    Tobin Heath and Alex Morgan so cute!

  12. Cristen Press and Meghan Klingenberg were not either Because they were alternates, they weren’t actually on the roster team.

  13. mikayla mccreath

    i dont think alternatives get medals.

  14. im lovin all these cute british fans!! 🙂

  15. They are living the dream health, success and fame.

  16. I love how, im guessing it was a-rod or alex, squeaked and then everybody just turned into kids at a candy shop. Honestly i couldnt be more proud of what the team accomplished today. I still wish that jill,lori,christen press and megan klingenberg and ali krieger were on the podium receiving medals. USWNT FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. tswizzlefan4life1

    exactly!!!!! and christen press and meghan kelengberg!!! i think its because they didn’t play at all the entire tournament….they were “alternates” and apparently couldn’t stand on the podium smh…

  18. Throughout these recent videos***

  19. Anyone know what the deal is with the tape over their us soccer crest during training? Why did they have to cover up the us crest? Does anyone know cause I have noticed that throughout three p

  20. LetMeWatchThis3

    Alex morgan 6:40

  21. Alex Morgan was the one who scored the game-winning goal and they didn’t even show her reaction after the game…

  22. Amy LePeilbet cheesin’ at 7:16 is sooo freaking precious! Love her!

  23. Alex Morgan.

  24. Lori Lindsey, Jill Loyden, Christen Press, and Meghan Klingenberg are all alternates. They are not officially on the 18-player roster. They get to travel and train with the 18 roster players just in case someone from the 18-player roster gets injured. Unfortunately, because they are alternates, they do not get medals because they are not offcially on the 18-player roster. It’s kinda sad because they do deserve medals also.

  25. Right in the locker room dancing to music!!!

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