US Women’s Soccer Wins Gold, Japan Siver, Canada Bronze

Video Score: 3 / 5

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  1. akatsukiwannabeX3

    hey, I didn’t really mind Canada losing. personally, I don’t like when people brag too much about winning, even if it’s my country winning hockey. I don’t like when winning gets to people’s heads and they make fun of the other team. the American team was extremely good, and I’d just rather both teams are respected and acknowledged for their talent and effort. sorry for sounding so critical before, I wasn’t thinking straight that day -__-”

  2. dude, seriously?

  3. Go girls! As for Oxford whatever your name is.  Do yourself a favor and get some help. What are you? 18? You sure sound like it. Moronic bitch.

  4. I made the same mistake (sadly it’s hard to tell sarcasm on the internet) but if you read his other comment you could tell he was being sarcastic.

  5. god solo is hot.

  6. Too bad you thug Yanks didn’t speak like that when Japan shocked the world and beat you for the biggest prize in soccer, which is the World Cup, not the Olympics. I couldn’t think less of you juvenile, rude, fat Yanks than I do. Die already & make the world a more peaceful & happier place.

  7. Why in the hell are the Yanks convinced that the Olympic win over Japan is a form of revenge for the USA?! It isn’t. The World Cup is the biggest prize in soccer, not the Olympics. Yes, the USA will have to wait 3 years to avenge their loss to Japan. For now, the World Cup, which is & always has been the biggest prize in soccer, belongs to Japan. The idiot Yanks can never take that away from them. I hate Yanks too like most Europeans & most people around the world.

  8. Reference to WWII?? Classy, man. Real classy.

  9. TheFirstHeadShot

    Because all 300+ million of us are fat…

    Uneducated? More like extreme world power.

  10. Didn’t understand your context. I guess my comment goes to the many non-Americans that never have anything better to do but hate on Americans.

  11. It’s kind of sickening the degree to which people hate on america. You say we’re full of ourselves, obnoxious etc. yet you display the ugliest attitude toward us over anything and everything we do. I guess it keeps you busy and helps you sleep at night.

  12. “Barely won” and á surprising lead in the ‘beginning’…really?. Winning is winning and the US won! The reality is Canada went crazy when the olympic hockey team beat the U.S. in the 2010 Olympics…in OT…by one goal. Canada hasn’t shut up about it yet – which is fair – because I think all is fair in love, war, and sports — especially when Canada does well in hockey, just like the US women dominates soccer. So, suck it up when your team loses and fade away gracefully.

  13. Imagine having a life that revolves around hating a country. I really need to find a country to life is just so empty! lol!

  14. Actually I believe U.S has surpassed China in golds and medals overall. Not bad for a country of fat,uneducated people, huh?

  15. I’ll never understand this stupid fat American crap. It’s odd that the U.S is up there trading places with China for gold medals and overall medals?

  16. I can’t believe Canadiens take woman’s soccer serious enough that the actually care to whine about the refs. But seriously though, they should blame themslves way more than the refs. It wasn’t like they didn’t get away with any major red card fouls like head stomping or anything…

  17. akatsukiwannabeX3

    “whose fans have yet to stop blaming the refs blablabla” just stop being so rude to canada already!!!!! that’s not what soccer’s about and we all know it. we all know as well how canada surprised america with its lead at the beginning, so don’t give us that garbage about needing to look at our defense and ball-handling skills. you barely won, stop acting superior. I don’t want to be taunted like this by my neighboring country, it’s selfish and stupid.

  18. is that her real name hope solo

  19. Hope is my kinda girl…yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  20. blackhorizons999

    Wat is that name of that symphony at the end

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