Chicago Fire – Trailer

Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. Hey it’s Torres from Lie to me!

  2. primeminister87

    the people from The Wire involved in this.This is going to be good

  3. My god i was thinking the same thing!!!

  4. NBC, should’ve brought back Engine 17 from Backdraft. Would be even more epic =)

  5. Nothing will ever come close to being amazing as Third Watch, but this show does have high hopes in being really good!!

  6. Thanks for the tip I haven’t heard of NYMed.

  7. “Trauma,” lasted for more that 6 episodes. It lasted 1 season.

  8. MrPursuitElectronics

    LOL…”Trauma”….how long did that show last? 6 episodes? I dont think it even lasted the season, correct?

  9. MrPursuitElectronics

    Best show on TV today…..NYMed. As real as it gets!

  10. MrPursuitElectronics

    You are correct. All of these shows need GREAT consultants.  I mean…the kid with the hemothorax…..where is the monitor and why was she not strapped in? Small things like that is what we, as paramedics, who trudge through the fields daily, know is a joke! The show ER was good, but it was the SAME orders for every patient…CBC, Chem7, etc. Best show on TV right now….NYMed. Thats as real as it gets!

  11. Speaking as an EMT this show seems kind of overly dramatic. But who know’s maybe it will be good.

  12. You must have gay eyes.

  13. Many people compare it to Rescue Me and Third Watch but they (Dick Wolf at least) compares it to ER .Interesting. If you ask me Rescume Me was great but not enough action for a firefighter show it was mostly about the main guy who is a firefighter, Third Watch is a legend but mostly about cops more than firemen and paramedics. ER was ER. Hoping CF will be an action-drama hit.

  14. Kinda like Third Watch and Rescue me………

  15. The dialogue…it goes CLUNK.

  16. uh..enjoy Rescue Me on Netflix…thanks for playing Ryan Baxter..uh..your pin-point analysis is duly noted..

  17. Uh.. This is just a knockoff of Rescue Me.. so.. no..

  18. Lady Gaga’s boyfriend is in this ^-^

  19. I thought I recognized one of the guys from, “Trauma.” Anyway, this show ought to be good. I can’t wait to see it.

  20. Watching this is making me miss third watch!! That show was great!

  21. So glad Imagine Dragons are getting a lot more popular

  22. taylor kinney is hella fine!

  23. Eatsleepfightfires

    Omg I can not wait I hope it is as good as,rescue me actually I hope it’s even better

  24. I can’t wait for this show to come on

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