WNT Gold Medalists Celebrate with Friends and Family

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  1. Abby with her Drank! Lol

  2. tswizzlefan4life1

    wathcing alex morgan and KO jamming out to the spice girls at closing ceremony was the highlight of my life…

  3. Nobody cares? Okay, yeah, sure. Tell that to the over 4 million people who watched the final setting a new record for most watched NBC Sports Network event and the over 80,000 that attended their game against Japan in Wembley. Please don’t say nobody cares about this team when the facts and a whole nation obviously proves otherwise.

  4. Thousands of young girls around the country will be picking up soccer balls for the first time as direct result of this team and their triumph. It is about more than a game, it’s about empowerment.

  5. soccergirlfreak13

    woow thats awesome im so proud of them!!

  6. Wow… Pinoe’s mom looks a lot like Pinoe’s girlfriend…

  7. This is precisely why this person should be required to enlist in a logic course of higher education. The person’s obtuse accusations have no foundation. To postulate that “no one cares” about Women’s Soccer is just preposterous, particularly without any confirmatory evidence.

  8. TobinHeathsGlasses

    oh heyyyy

  9. OnlineSoccerAcademy

    Love the USA chant at the end!

  10. Kelley O’Hara looks exactly like that person from her family!!!! 1:54

  11. “Despite the fact that nobody gives a damn about it.” Nobody? What kind of generalization is that? That is a fairly asinine analyzation and you don’t see the ignorance in that comment. YOU don’t care for it, but you go on to say everyone else feels the same. If someone hates doing math and that person says, “No one gives a damn about math,” is that a true statement? No it’s not you idiot. That person would have to ask everyone in the WORLD in order to back that claim up, just like you. DUMBASS

  12. Hell yeah im from Morocco and i just can’t miss any game they play! i love these girls and they’ve earned my respect and support since the last worldcup and now im just addicted to that team! congratulations for having the number one team in the world USA 🙂

  13. It’s been so inspirational following this journey with this team: it’s a very fine thing to see that even in this quick, fast, vitriolic, gotta have it now world we live in that tenacity, strength, self-possession, and grace still count for making true champions. This is the stuff that USA’s WNT is made of, and it’s been incredibly inspirational watching them on this journey to Olympic gold. You’ve won yourself a newly tried and true football supporter here- Well done, ladies. Well done, indeed!

  14. iloveeecountrymusic

    I want more studio 90 videos!!! :'(

  15. hollywoodwerewolf

    will ussoccer.com have a camera amidst the Closing Ceremony throng of U.S. Athletes? will the fans see the WNT wearing the Team USA uniform? Will Tobin wear her glasses tonight?

  16. As I’ve aforementioned formerly, you variably should proceed to enroll in a course of logic from a higher education institution. None of your reasonings make any significance. The beneficial occurence of your obtuse accusation is, no one is in concern or cares.

  17. A classic?! In which way?

    Oh… maybe … a “classical” example for why a husband should chain his wife to the kitchen!

  18. Because it is so funny how US soccer tries to sell their women`s national team to the american public as if they were real stars in the world of international soccer despite the fact that nobody gives a damn about it!

  19. Someone made a song all about Alex Morgan. everyone’s gotta hear this….

    Flynnfluence – Alex Morgan

    Check it out!

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