HIGHLIGHTS: San Jose Earthquakes vs Seattle Sounders

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. dude im from LA and think Lenhart is a beast first vs Chicago now against seattle

  2. Because he ownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns. DEAL WITH IT


  4. yeah? idk I dont watch arsenal

  5. it’s a tough schedule and you have to take into account for player fitness and moral.

  6. Sigi really made some poor choices here…

  7. scoutsouljademoman

    holy shit

  8. I used to hate Lenny. But after a while you just gotta love the guy, he is sooo clutch!!!

  9. I used to hate Lenny…. But after a while, you just gotta love the guy,

  10. So? That’s like saying Arsenal fans like RVP.

  11. I don’t understand why the sounders didn’t have their 3 best players in the match until the last five or so minutes. It makes no sense to me but anyways, it was a great win for SJ and the fact that we kept pace with them until the last minute makes me feel good about the future. I think both of these teams are going to finish off the season strong.

  12. cause he scores?

  13. Why the hell would anyone like that asshole?

  14. Go Quakes! Good for one season finally!

  15. Bleach7Chelseafanx

    Another great finish! Congrats Quakes. Sucks to be Seattle right now, what a terrible weekend for them…

  16. Go Quakes!
    Best team in the league
    and it looks to be the league champion this season
    Other teams cant compare to their overall record
    Go Wondo and Lenny!

  17. The quakes are for realz yo!

  18. MMAmachinhead92

    Looks like the whiney Sounders fans can’t blame the ref or Lenhart for losing this game….oh wait they can, because Lenhart scored against them. Go Quakes!

  19. completechaos21

    I don’t see much to laugh at. We made a last minute comeback after playing excellent defense (dawkins had an excellent volley that caught Gspurning on surprise) and we had many great chances including a bicycle kick that just needed an inch more drop on it. The quakes(im a seattle fan if you didn’t figure that out) played excellent forward play and pressure and they got 2 good corners off at the end. If there is anything to laugh at its how many times the Quake players were diving in the game :3

  20. Thats why the Earthquakes are my favorite team<3


  22. ExtremeSportsGuy34

    Damn great game!

  23. Lenhart.. Most clutch soccer player?

  24. my bro knows Lenhart personally, always gets his head in in the stoppage time

  25. Correct, There are epic things all over the world, just like there are trolls from all over the world.

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