Nike Soccer: The Chance: US Open Call Events

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  1. LaForgeification

    Haha we dont all suck here we have talent

  2. anyone who says that that people from the united states arent good at soccer is stupid
    I will play anyone and i am certain that i will destroy them
    Im just as good as anyone in europe

  3. guys you dont need to do this just to become a pro. If your really willing to become a pro show your coaches first and go try out different but higher level teams. And show them that you really want to play.

  4. I love it & know it good so stfu

  5. Thumbs up if you think Nike the chance should come to new York city !

  6. Youtube “Hugo Perez US Best attacking mid” and you’ll his highlights Most gifted US player ever
    The team would constantly look for him just like Barca finds Xavi. Really fun to see.
    Cruyff tried to get him on Ajax for 2 years but MISL did not release him
    You will not regret it. I promise

  7. Or Overland Park, Kansas.

  8. ManchesterYOUnited

    Come to Seattle!

  9. Why not to Seattle?

  10. What about Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan? Dempsey is well respected in the UK, and when Donovan was with Everton he was loved by the fans and played very well in the Engish Premier League…..Dumb ass ignorant comment IMO, the U.S IMHO is going to be a breeding ground so long the MLS puts money into development at all levels.

  11. HokageKyubiNaruto

    FUUU-! Too late!

  12. PeterVangSOccer

    Thumbs up if you want them to come to Minnesota!

  13. PLEASE COME TO DIFFERENT CITIES NEXT YEAR. For example i live in seattle.

  14. The Chance already does go to South America and Africa… So what are you bitching about? USA is a the new addition this year for the The Chance trials. Not to mention South Americans and Africans are already known to produce great footballers. They are playing in all of the world’s elite Football clubs. There are kids dying for the opportunity to play professional football in the US as well.

  15. has there ever been a goalie chosen for one of these? maybe they should give them some more attention

  16. I know right like wtf

  17. LMFAOOOOOO Thats what I was thinking

  18. Hilario RattPack

    @monchenlupe254 Bro I’m also a goalkeeper trying out for the chance in LA. How do you find out where the location is at? In a txt or by email?

  19. my ass! theres plenty of talent in the us

  20. Velhinho Torres

    WHERE: Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Flushing, NY 11368 (Turf Fields #8 and #9. Enter on College Point Blvd.)

  21. IMsuperDUPERable


  22. Whers the Los Angeles tryout going to be at?????

  23. you stupid?

  24. lol only goalkeepers and clint demspey, only good players ever. Nice one.

  25. Im a goalkeeper im trying out in Dallas also.
    Ross Stewart Soccer Complex-1777 Keenan Bridge Road,Farmers Branch,TX,75234
    I’l see you there.Good Luck 🙂

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