Melissa’s 2011 Upper Deck MLS Soccer Box Break

Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Trevor Stevenson

    Which is better, Upper Deck MLS or Topps Match Attax?

  2. You are watching too slow 😀

  3. You’re going to fast

  4. FuteraAdmirer

    football or soccer … the most popular game in the world ….

  5. Email me for details.

  6. shakenbakecena

    where did u get them?? im looking 4 them everywhere

  7. any one have any hope solo or alex morgan cards

  8. iPhoneDuckAttack

    How much would you want for the Marquez card
    And the auto??

  9. Email me at my website cardsinfinity. Thanks a lot.

  10. how much did it cost?

  11. Sure, I have 3 left. Email me at my website. Thanks a lot.

  12. I had a bunch of videos of me doing video blogs, and they started sending really peverted messages … so i closed that account no more vlogs from me LOL… Do you have any more of these boxes? If so I want to buy them.

  13. You bet. Why are people stalking you?

  14. Once again thanks chris for busting the box for me :). I closed my other account due to stalkers creeping on my VLOGS LOL

  15. would u sell landon donovan jersey card pm me

  16. Oh for sure. Probably a ton of people would be interested in those autographs.

  17. Soccerboi1995

    Yea my sport!!!!!!!

  18. iRespectThisDude

    Wow, I dint know so many of u guys watch EPL football.Haha. Yeap, totally agree with making EPL cards. I will sure buy em if they make it! Btw go Chelsea!

  19. I totally agree with T1027Production and johnniedbomb. UD shud try making EPL cards with big names auto such as Rooney, Drogba, Lampard etc etc. I bet tons of EPL fans will buy em.

  20. If Upper Deck can actually come out with an EPL set, they can build some momentum. Probably Wayne Rooney’s first auto card would be a great success.

  21. T1027Production

    Im a huge fan of EPL football/soccer. Hope they have something like this :/

  22. Yeah that is why they wouldn’t be in there. But I was hoping they would sprinkle them in as inserts or something, but I checked and they didn’t, that I could see.

  23. Where was the serial # at Melissa? I didn’t see it on the card. LMK if you pull something crazy from the WOS and etc. Thanks a lot.

  24. lol man. I was hoping Rinaldinho and Christiano were going to be in it. But then I thouht they probably wouldn’t. I was confused 😀

  25. Email for details. Thanks a lot.

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