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  1. ocho could make it at any sport he’s just that damn gifted

  2. his finishing was pretty weak but I’m sure he’s athletic enough that he could do something if he put enough time into it.

  3. This happened during the lockout thats why.

  4. he an american football player idk why hes trying to quit his day job…

  5. PiquefuckShakira

    GO GALAXY ……Kansas sucks they even try getting this joke

  6. elsupercabron09

    jajajaj pinche tronco ya se cree neymar ese cabron jajajaja…al futbol lo tienes que llevar en la sangre, para tener abilidad lo tienes que jugar desde que pequeño, no asi como este,que solo cambia de deporte

  7. The players I would love to see try soccer would be, John Wall, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Chris Johnson.. just to name a few. Just imagine if John Wall grew up playing soccer he’d be a fkin beast.

  8. catrachodel2007

    comeo n hes a clown,

  9. soccer takes more skill and work then football…

  10. he can’t be serious…haha i love ochocinco but he sucks!

  11. Go Kansas City!!!

  12. shoudnt he be practicing football?

  13. @kgroom100 wow soccer is more athletic sport than football

  14. RilloFullOfPurp

    This nigga wanted to give him a hand job!!

  15. he lives in my neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. WE?? who the fuck are yooouuu???? read the discussion i was having you dumb fuck. i was DEFENDING the NFL but ofcousre you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between defending and attacking. Moron.

  17. he should be goaly thatd be insane.

  18. listen bitch we play harder and we have a shorter season also because we r strong enough but we cant take the heat of playing in all seasons so when it rains or snows your litle ass can sit inside and watch football or read you playgirl

  19. wow he used to be my idol hes the whole reason i was a receiver but now hes a field fairy faggot i hate you chad nice job leaving the Bengals high and dry i always liked TO better hope you never come back CHAD FAGO DINKO!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ochocinco isn’t that good at FOOTBALL but i’ve seen worse still though stick to AFC you will make more money and you are good at it

  21. Lambchops1921

    whyd you film his balls dood?

  22. chrismarkus93

    toe pokes?

  23. You’re 100% right. Never really thought about it from that angle. Thanks.

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