Manchester United vs Seattle Sounders 7 – 0 Highlights 7/20/2011

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  1. its a strip guys not a uniform, just sayin

  2. Rooneys hair then & now, wow so different xD 

  3. saleh alomary

    5:15 the finger

  4. Nothing in the world like watching seattle get demolished.


  6. Did that guy really compare obertan to ronaldo. o dayum the stupid fuck
    just said obertan replaced ro.aldo perfectley is he mad americans need to
    stop watching football bunch of idiotic yanks

  7. LebenVergessen

    United sold Ronaldo for £80 million. The commentator said Obertan was a
    replacement? He cost £3 million and was a back up player. Hahaha Americans

  8. it never showed us the full highlights, seattle were unlucky that day.
    it shoulda been 9-7 to seattle

  9. mls has progressed so much through the past three years, still man u would
    most likely beat seattle but if they played today, seattle would give them
    a run for their money

  10. Man ut can beat the sounders but arnt very good any more in their league 

  11. English teams are brilliant compared to American teams 

  12. howard irabor

    who leaves Wayne Rooney unmarked 3 times in the box

  13. Muhammad Imtiaz

    What a humiliation

  14. I just feel bad for seattle/

  15. Love how use europens show the us how to play football

  16. Emmett Montgomery

    As a Timbers fan I love this!

  17. James Theus Films

    American commentators shouldn’t comment on things they don’t know about..

  18. lol 7 0

  19. And that is the difference between Soccer and football!!!

  20. Boss is crap. He isnt a “boss” in any way

  21. Charlie brathing

    5:15 the middle finger

  22. Katie Barbosa

    7.35 I think they lost by now

  23. I’m still surprised the Seattle fans THOUGHT they were going to beat
    Manchester United.

  24. At the end lol that is a american

  25. Joshua Scanlon

    Americans are so shit at Football. Just give up. Can’t believe any One
    would think Seattle would have stood a chance. Fair play a few shots on
    target and we had a major youngster in goal. If we can beat Barca we can
    beat Any American team. Ask Beckham. He LIT LA Galaxy up. If only more half
    decent Footy players would retire to MLS. Mite make it more interesting
    like the British or German football!!!