HIGHLIGHTS: New England Revolution vs Seattle Sounders

Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. You’re right. With the first angle, it looked to me like the last defender’s outstretched leg help the Revs attacker onside, but with the second angle, it looks like a pretty clear offside to me too. Having said that, it’s not the ref that gave up that goal, it’s the complete failure to to defend against that attacker. When you’re 4yds behind the attacker and it’s even remotely close to being onside, your back line dropped the ball.

  2. Yeah, i can understand what you are saying. But remember, look how long soccer has been played in England and how much it is loved. But maybe in 10 years MLS will be “in par” or at least pretty close 🙂

  3. ChampCarforlife

    Yes it will!

  4. NER needs a better defense or get it together. The goalie on the 2nd goal…. LOL! Cárdenas has good vision and feet, though.

  5. Vệ Anh Tiến

    lee nguyen good

  6. Nicholas Brookins

    Wow, Eddie Johnson’s header is incredible

  7. but it may happen one day

  8. diego fagundez this guy is good ive seen him play before he was in thier reserve team

  9. ChampCarforlife

    I’m so impresse with Sene. He’s going to be a star in the MLS.

  10. ChampCarforlife

    Thanks! Give the MLS 10 years will be in par with the English Premier League.

  11. thumbs up if you hate this commentator

  12. “kerfuffle” lol

  13. MLS! Fire your refs!!!

  14. These sports commentators must be for New England. Just because the flag stayed down doesn’t mean the goal wasn’t offside.

  15. What Seattle wear at home: green and blue
    What Seattle wear on the road: all green

  16. its too bad seattle only knows how to head soccer balls. too bad they can’t defend

  17. Soy FAN de revolution desde Monterrey,Mexico!!!

  18. getting better and better, i’m European and i think American football is definitely in the up ! At long last…

  19. the sounders are the best team!!!! they deserved every single goal that they made! the new england revolution just had flaws in the defence! not the sounders fault that they can head balls into the net and the other guys cant defend in the air!

  20. I knew when Fagundez came on I was like “C’mon score that goal”.
    That must be so cool as a seventeen year old

  21. 1st goal was clearly offside, you don’t even need to watch it in slow motion but you have to give credit to the Revolution for really givin their full effort the last 10 mins

  22. Revs first goal was obviously a blown offsides call. Revs second goal came about 15 seconds after Alvaro Fernandez was called for a foul on the opposite end of the field in which he had possession of the ball and his back towards the defender (figure that one out). MLS video editors left that part out, which I am not happy about. But shit happens I guess. Sounders supporters, we need to weather this storm of poor calls, poor play and poor luck. Maybe our team will get back to its winning ways.

  23. Not really. Two bullshit calls led to two goals. You don’t even have to be a Sounders fan to agree with me.

  24. shitty mls refs whaddya know

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