HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs Sporting Kansas City, MLS

Online video Score: 5 / five

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  1. i know huh eddies starting to piss me off too

  2. Are you stupid? Granted that was a deserved red card but did you conveniently forget when Caskey’s fucking head was split open and half his face was drenched in blood? ALso on Hurtado’s card…nobody thinks that was deserved. Also Rosale’s breakaway in the first half that should have been a red..just completely hacked down by a talentless player. That game was despicable so don’t try and say the SKC was innocent because by no means did they play clean.

  3. 3:25 Eddie is starting to piss me off. Fredy is WIDE OPEN. Pass the damn ball Eddie!

  4. Man Seattle games are always high energy.

  5. @morry32 oh yeah totally were the ones finishing 1st every year just to get knocked out of the first round of the playoffs

  6. I don’t know how much longer I can watch MLS with the disturbingly bad officiating!!! How many times does a player make a beautiful move to setup a breakaway and is grabbed, shoved or tripped with just a free kick as the penalty??? Unless it’s in the box where NOTHING seems to get called. I wish everyone will flood the comment sections with cries to clean up this game or great players will continue to get hurt. I don’t understand this and it’s killing soccer IMO. THUMB ME UP!!!

  7. Pulled out a tie with 6 subs who started the game…i’ll take the point SKC

  8. It would be a good thing though… the MLS needs all the revenue they can get.

  9. I’m no Seattle fan, I just recognize it was a poor no-call. That doesn’t justify the second foul though. Btw, DC fan here, this week has been pretty awesome for me so far.

  10. Yea, that’s why we got a red card for a late tackle trying to break a leg. Oh wait…. that wasn’t us.

  11. As soon as I saw it, I knew Fernandez got a red. But, some of the blame belongs to the ref - he let this one get away from him and it got dangerous. While that was not fun to watch, it was an overall great and super entertaining game!

  12. wow skc is a dirty team hmm.. NO just one player equals a dirty team but the temper of seattle = bs cant even beat a reserve squad.

  13. seattle overall ahev terrible finishing and a terrible attitude

  14. Didn’t SKC’s centerbacks each have a yellow card by the 50th minute? Sure unopposed………blame the refs, blame the thugs, blame deflections, there is a reason why the rest of the league laughs at you guys

  15. what was he suppose to call the first time around, that Flaco got his pocket picked while standing around waiting for a call that your entire team has come to expect instead of playing to the whistle?

  16. are you guys butt hurt over a deflected goal? Peterson put a lot behind that shot and who knows where it goes without the deflection……………Doesn’t much matter so long as it ends up in the net

  17. His name is Collin and he will kill for you, but he can not disrespect the cat


  19. really? they barely had three or four shots on target at home against a reserve lineup- keep dreaming

  20. ericplusjessica

    @carella211 Seattle has finished there last two games down a man but yeah clearly SKC is the dirty team on the field. Get over yourself. I guess if I was a Seattle fan I’d be grumpy and bitchy as well.Collen is currently number 1 in standings for Defenders to play in the All Star game. I would love to see you play soccer against Collen to see who it the real talentless hack.

  21. Woohoo two fights and a red card what a game Go SKC!

  22. damn, seattle play a beautiful, beautiful passing game. they had every right to win this 3 or 4-1.

  23. SKC are a dirty team. A bunch of hacks trying to break players ankles. I have ZERO respect for that thug team. And Collen should be in prison for his crap. A talentless hack.

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