HIGHLIGHTS: Columbus Crew vs. LA Galaxy

Video Rating: four / five

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  1. therobbieunited

    Saunders consistently terrible!

  2. hahaha funny im not a horrible fan im just a fan of the beautiful sport i think all teams are great if i was from that specific country maybe i would be like “oh yea rivals” but hey im brasilian and italian so i just enjoy Football in general i dont care if there rivals i just wanna see the great players play in a great team.

  3. R.I.P Kirk Urso #15

  4. According to FIFA, he’s actually Puerto Rican.

  5. But when he was here he had 4 national team calibur defenders in front of him pretty much at all times and was a rock for us. Saunders in the same situation will stand on his head stopping everything difficult but seems to always let in the cheap easy ones; whereas Ricketts would’ve snuffed those out. I wonder how Ricketts would have done with some better guys in front of him in Montreal

  6. 0:51 that was some beautiful stuff by Keane!!! Saunders has to LAY OUT and not just fall over like a baby. GUy needs to man up and attack the ball.

  7. Matt, you can’t pick ONE team? You’re a terrible excuse for a soccer fan. Arsenal/Chelsea = Rivals, Sporting/Porto = Rivals, Milan/Inter = Rivals, LA/NY = Rivals…wtf?!

  8. glooory hunter 😀

  9. don’t rickettes wasn’t better than our second goalie in Montreal and was always letting cheap goals in….

  10. sarvas is so stupid. everyone saw his handball and he shouldve gotten a card…so ugly too

  11. Eng: Arsenal, Man City, and Chelsea
    Ger: Dortmond, Shalka FC
    USA: SJ Earthquakes, LA Galaxy, NY Redbulls
    Fra: Paris Saint Germain
    Por: Sporting FC and Porta FC
    Brasil: International and Vasco
    Italy: Juventues, AC milan, and Inter
    Ireland: Galway United

  12. Heart failure.

  13. Saunders maybe be a German name. But I swear Josh plays like a typical British Goalkeeper. He he makes the occasional great save; then follows it up with a god awful miss.

  14. theautographman22

    ur just jelly that I’m first

  15. theautographman22

    ur just jelly that I’m first

  16. TheSoccerCurver

    thats awful

  17. Parker St. Valentine

    there never shld have let him go

  18. He just died.
    Natural causes. Sucks.

  19. TheSoccerCurver

    how did the guy on columbus crew die?

  20. Still trying to figure out how Saunders let that in! Just terrible!

  21. We were there last night, too. And it was a great game to see live. Does anyone know for sure whether or not Beckham attended, even though he wasn’t on the bench? We thought we saw Victoria (surrounded by three bodyguard-looking guys) walking into the VIP area prior to the game starting.

  22. It was a great game to see live last night.

  23. Beckham wasn’t there last night. Traveling was his status.

  24. Keane is such a sniper. Good nose for goal. Proud to be Irish when i see him play.

  25. Where is beckham ?

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