HIGHLIGHTS: Sporting Kansas City vs Chicago Fire

Video clip Score: 5 / five

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  1. Marco Pappa cabrones!

  2. fuck u all skc tryed

  3. lol at 5:02

  4. Why are Sounders fans anoying ?

  5. OMFG that save on 3:53 O.o !
    Good Goalkeeper, thats for sure.

  6. Go M.Pappa.

  7. Chicago is one stud striker away from winning the East. Notice that Oduro did nothing but be offside and strike the ball straight at Nielsen. They’re basically playing a man down when he plays. Imagine if they a Letoux or a Bruin, let a lone an Henry or a Wondolowski.

  8. Bunberry at 6:23 almost exactly like Agudelo last year

  9. Sounders fans are Annoying, that is true.

  10. not as annoying as sounders fans

  11. supermcdonaldsbros


  12. “It is the cannabis for this Eastern Conference match”

  13. The last 5 mins were great! KC deserved the goal to tie it.

  14. do you live in KC?

  15. @carella211 Fuck you u known r fans r just better

  16. In normal YouTube commentor tradition you are in fact wrong. These were national broadcasters not team specific guys.

  17. Way to go, Marco.

  18. An incredible game with many opportunities. It actually looked like a pretty even game to me. If it wasn’t for the lucky breakaway clearance i think skc could have won. Skc just needs to work on their finishing and getting the ball on target. Great job for Pappa and Rolfe

  19. Now I maybe wrong, but I thought the commentators were specific to the home team, so the commentators favour SKC, which would explain the lack of enthusiasm when Chicago scored, naturally.

  20. So much for that home streak!

  21. And I must say, I don’t like Strong. Just another American announcer with no passion for the game. Just listen to his booooring goal call. Yawn.

  22. SKC losing makes me sooooo happy. Their fans are so annoying.


  24. luisdeGuatemala

    Love you Pappa!
    Great game!

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