EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs Colorado Rapids, July 7, 2012

Video clip Ranking: four / five

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  1. 11:47 eddie ballotelli?

  2. Anyone know the music/tune that plays at 0:21 in the stadium? thx

  3. Beckham is the worst midfielder in MLS. What are you smoking?

  4. im tired of people from other countries talking down on the mls and saying that we are “improving”, when really the mls is a better league then any australian league

  5. Jesus christ that stadium is packed.

  6. are you having a babble pal seattle sounders beating villa? belt up you silly mug

  7. It’s not ‘my’ league. Also beckhham was world class last night so he is definitely is the top 5. Seattle could probably beat villa.

  8. he is though, thats how shit your pathetic league is

  9. critical

    Americans stop now even play soccer. that’s an order. Why do not you play hocky or basketball? soccer is for the people of Brazil ok! I am a girl living the city of Rio de Janeiro and not accept it! stop soccer, I’m ordering!

  10. Best player in the world is either messi or Klose but that’s just my opinion

  11. 1. CONCACAF has it’s own Champion’s League with teams from all of North America and the Caribbean.
    2. Several teams have sell-outs, Seattle just happens to have the largest stadium.
    3. David Beckham sits injured half the time and is a joke. MLS has several better players, including Dwayne DeRosario (DC) and Chris Wondolowski (SJ).

  12. first becham is not the best player by any definition of the word, just need to make that clear. second champions league is not one tournament it is a type of tournament that is player in each continent which determines which team will represent them in the fifa world club cup. for example ares is called concacaf champions league, your is called uefa champions league. and third if you don’t watch mls THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE. i know the answer it’s to troll.

  13. Eddie Johnson tried to pull a Balotelli

  14. Eddy johnson. is coming back
    Hope to see him on the worldcup 2014.

  15. Good work Sounders fans (ECS, Gorilla, North Terrace and the rest), I’m an Aussie but believe me this is football so the rest of the world is paying attention and you guys are fast becoming an American institution, you’re setting an example nation wide as to to what the game could ultimately become in the United States of America.

    Keep the faith and the glory will eventuate, it always does.

  16. description has an extra 0 in the attendance…

  17. good for everton though, and donovan isn’t the best this year. probably wondolowski, who has 14 goals in 17 appearances.

  18. ohhh you’re from europe that explains everything. I’m not gonna argue with someone who thinks beckham is the best player in mls.

  19. i think its called 300 violin orchestra

  20. cool thanks for letting me know:)

  21. he clearly is the best by a good length and dont say landon donovon because he was extremely average in the premiership.

  22. a lot of teams fill up their stadiums. its just that seattle has the highest attendance.

  23. he means concacaf champions league. and beckham isn’t the best. he’s good but not the best.

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