AT&T Goal of the Week Nominees: Week 23

Online video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. Nyassi

  2. Im a fcd fan but think benitez waz the best.How often can a defender score?

  3. Ok. People are saying that Nyassi’s goal is goal of the year. While I personally disagree, there is no doubting that it deserves GOTW honors. Nyassi!

  4. Richards or Nyassi. 😛

  5. No compitish. Richards all the way.

  6. Im a Galaxy fan but there is no beating Nyassi’s goal!

  7. beckham for sure

  8. i’m a fc dallas fan but Nyassi all the way!

  9. Richards

  10. Obvious Nyassi

  11. juninho or nyassi

  12. Sana Nyassi no doubt was a beauty =)

  13. Juninho__!!

  14. Nyassi

  15. Richards!

  16. i loved watching sanna when he was in seattle and i think he earned goal of the week here

  17. he still had to run like 50 yards straight…

  18. I think Chris Rolf’s goal should win

  19. MMAmachinhead92

    Benitez. Nyassi’s goal was mainly from horrible and slacking defending.

  20. TheSoccerCurver


  21. allsportslover02


  22. SonicMaster92345

    i’m a Revs fan, but Nyassi definitely deserves it

  23. Nyassi !

  24. Nyassi or Richards had the best goals, but “Juninho Goalinho” made me laugh.

  25. NYASSII!!!!!!!