HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs. LA Galaxy

Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. In the uk, turf is grass…

  2. good stadium

    MLS is booming

  3. cr7XcristianoXcr9

    LAs keeper is shit and donovan should had first timed that ball from backs

  4. ifrickinglovesports

    MLS 3-2 European Champions. You were saying Darkstar?

  5. volkswagendude87

    english please…thanks.

  6. apparently you don’t know what sarcasm is. and me being American has nothing to do with anything.

  7. (i will try to keep it nice and simple for you guys) a sunday league team is a team that has been formed by over 35 yr olds and are usually obese . who also frequent an ale house together and usually in a league organised by several pubs and is played on sunday . so when i mentioned they have the fitness levels of my local team it was an INSULT urgh {{Americans }}

  8. do you even know what a sunday league team is ? if you dont then you may not actually totally understand the insult

  9. i’m too riveted by the fitness level of your sunday league team to come up with an adequate response.

  10. No they find it hard because of the heat. Even chelsea said so. They said they were dying on the pitch. If you would watch/read post game interviews from the friendlies which are all conveniently located on youtube and google, you wouldn’t be so hopelessly stupid and misguided. Try playing in 100 + degree heat WITH humidity son, and lets see how high your fitness is. By the way, if your going to make claims about your team the way you did at least don’t look like a fatass n your profile pic. XD

  11. sorry do you say something ? i must have been distracted by the riveting display of the [past their prime whos wags nagged them to move to la so they can be fab whilst getting a fat wallet in a nation that doesnt give a shit about soccer] stars

  12. просто взяли и выебали)

  13. Youtube ads are so damn annoying

  14. i dont think england fields basketball or hockey teams. lol

  15. your local Sunday league team has the same fitness level of a league where Robbie Keane, ex Premier League top goal scorer, looks slow and his team loses 4 – 0. shut the fuck up.

  16. BastienBlancho96

    Sorry man , english isn’t my first language.

  17. god how crap is this league ?
    must have all the fitness levels as my local Sunday league team

  18. like a boss

  19. @NorthWeezy2010 Thank you we appreciate the support!

  20. I’m a londoner who supports chelsea and i’ve been watching the MLS for around 5 years now, started when beckham went to LA. I’ve grown to love the Sounders, I watch these highlights every few days because in England they only air LA games (due to beckham) and that is only on occasion. Seattle is my team other than Chelsea. 4-0!!

  21. @Headcheszonium mate don’t rise to it, I’m english and the soccer vs football argument really pisses me off, it just doesn’t matter. Ignore him.

  22. The timing of the commentators is great… “The last three meetings between these two teams have produced a grand total of three goals-” boom, Johnson scores. Later, about Fredy, “raises questions when you don’t have someone you regularly play with up front, are you difficult to play with? But you just have a feeling-” BOOM, Montero scores.
    Love me some Fredy and Eddie.

  23. la needs a new keeper

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