GOAL! Fredy Montero golazo from distance for the Seattle Sounders vs LA Galaxy

Online video Score: four / five

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  1. no keeper in the world was stopping that! what a strike!!

  2. CaptainInsano8943

    is that right?

  3. i have inform montero, best player in the game

  4. Best comment on Youtube. Ever.

  5. That goalie has no hops whatsoever.

  6. I watch this video before i watch porn so i can get a boner

  7. yea i bought him today already scored like 9 of those goals

  8. To all the people saying the MLS sucks, at least we know better than to think American Football is the best sport in the world like some other americans do.

  9. there are worse leagues… go and be a disruptive faggot elsewhere

  10. got him too. i love him. also fucito.

  11. Wtf are you talking about dude lmao, I’m not American, I’m French.

  12. Uprising117SpArTaN

    amazing goal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    because the competition in mls is shit unfortunately. they are using only european talent as of now…and a couple from liga postobon (colombian).

  14. What a goal! !!!!

  15. The ball played a huge role!

  16. It’s true tho.

  17. Golazo orgullo colombiano!!!!

  18. completechaos21

    Seattle and Portland (ironicly rivals) have 2 of the best supporters groups. There are a couple videos out there showing off how dedicated both groups are.

  19. Reminds me of a goal by Ronaldo against Porto a couple years back in the Champions League…

  20. Yup! That’s just the one of the many thinks MLS players can do, Fredy Montero scoring like that, not surprised.

  21. If only Ian Darke called this goal……..

  22. holy tits! tht was amazing!

  23. Freddy Montero is too good for the MLS. I’m surprised the Colombian national team hasn’t called him up yet..

  24. smashing !

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