WNT vs. Sweden: Highlights – June 16, 2012

Online video Score: 5 / five

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  1. Iwannadancerightnow

    WNT scores – A´╗┐ big jump on the scorer – OPH, THERE’S RAPINOE!!!! :))) she’s so awesome!!! love herrr! ­čśÇ

  2. livetoplaypiano

    @CookieMadnessMonster ´╗┐ hahaa no, theyre just that good.

  3. livetoplaypiano

    Dont mess with Hope Solo….best´╗┐ in the world.

  4. on 2:58, when Hope leaves the box, was that LeP that tried going in´╗┐ to block? the quality of the video isn’t great, and i’m really curious… i think it’s LeAwesome, i just want confirmation.

  5. love watching´╗┐ this game over and over go my girls lol

  6. CookieMadnessMonster

    The other teams really must suck´╗┐ for the US to be dominating like that.

  7. Rejected high five at :56 ´╗┐ LOL

  8. 510YOLO take a look at the uswnt vs Japan game. She made awesome saves and she’s also regarded best gk´╗┐ in the world. Know your football

  9. halfbloodclemow

    ew i´╗┐ hate the new usa uniforms

  10. This game was all backwards . Abby scored with her feet, Tobin scored with her head,´╗┐ and Carli’s shot was on goal (x . I love this team .

  11. the announcer needs a´╗┐ new occupation

  12. Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach have been playing amazingly well lately!´╗┐

  13. completechaos21


  14. I love watching the USWNT, but I really can’t listen to Brandi. She was good when she played, but they need to get rid of her as an announcer. I´╗┐ have to mute the games now when she’s commentating!

  15. beautiful´╗┐ goal!!!!! by wambach and morgan.

  16. Morgan and Wambach, you are´╗┐ nothing without them

  17. Matthew O'Brien

    and I´╗┐ thought MLS commentary is terrible….

  18. hahah right its not like shes´╗┐ #1 or anything??

  19. Name a better´╗┐ women’s keeper in the world right now.

  20. agreed! hope was awesome and brandi is sooooooo´╗┐ negative!!

  21. ? i said messi was not´╗┐ good in international play which he isn’t. i have no idea what the rest of your comment means. please take a english course at your local community college thank you.

  22. Brandi is the Alexi Lalas´╗┐ of womens soccer

  23. realmadridzidane5

    Terrible´╗┐ commentating

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