WNT vs. China PR: Closed Door Match Highlights – May 23, 2012

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  1. It was a good practice match, but the guest team’s jersey looks like Japan’s national team, not China’s.

  2. mountaingirl132

    BF2superfans- get a life jackass

  3. I hope that chinese player got a red card or at least a yellow for that

  4. lol girls cant play sport, comon, seriously

  5. god i am really tempted to make a joke about there being this many women in china… but I won’t.

  6. Wheres the actual match? Morgan easily passes the Chinese. She is way behind and still has the speed to get in front.

  7. hahah ohh they are playing football .. i want them to play barca b .. com on they are ”1” ranked team in women football .. 

  8. what are you talking about? just search google, they lose to youth boys teams all the time. give you a hint as to why: 16 yr old boys are bigger, stronger, and faster than they are. they do to the wnt what the wnt does to other women’s teams.

  9. exactly, the other MONTH and its kinda sad you have ONE fact to back yourself up

  10. Its safe to say the prettier team won here

  11. Kelley Ohara got some skills!

  12. what are they saying at 0:09 ?

  13. excuse me? China is not Japan and Japan is not china, they are not even close -.-

  14. Oh my god 2:13 makes me cry tears of joy

  15. I love me some Alex Morgan.

  16. they did. the problem was japan was good too.

  17. why is china in japan kit?

  18. Abby’s body must be the most callused thing ever.

  19. rachelandjolanda

    Barney’s looking good out there!!!
    Nice saves!!!

  20. I mean tv

  21. Is this going to be not v

  22. Morgan has super long hair

  23. no video, i googled it and found a couple of articles and tweets

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