US Soccer – No Easy Way Out

Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. because im a fan of the team wat else fat fuck

  2. because im a USA FAN dumb fuck

  3. Punk why are you here

  4. Yea usa had good moments here and there but overall the suck

  5. check out my brother playing keeper “Greatest American Goalkeeper” His favorite goalkeeper is Tim howard!! 🙂

  6. biggestgreendayfan

    this is how I feel after the loss to Brazil last night.

  7. biggestgreendayfan

    Best tribute I’ve seen!!!

  8. And then the dougie… This was great!

  9. The stanky leg tho lmfao

  10. Just wait till I post the next one.

  11. Grizzliesorange

    i feel like im watching ROCKY 4 with this music lol

  12. Shouldn’t your name be “FootyFootbalHD” then? Also, search for “origins of the word ‘SOCCER'” before making such a silly comment.

  13. Lilmsprincess100

    Love the both us teams!! Huh tht speaker dude at the end starts tryna drop a beat funny stuff lmao

  14. That save by Howard at 1:24 is insane!

  15. now this is what I love to see, a video supporting both teams, I hope this can make people stop arguing, they both represent the U.S and both teams are equally skilled, I too support both teams and dont argue over who’s better, I hope everyone else does too

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