US-MEX Roster, Donovan Assist Machine, Weekend Results – The Daily 8/13

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  1. unknowsoldier714

    Mexico’s last competitive game they played in the azteca they barely beat guyana, don’t bring up friendly wins cus when it really counts in the world cup mexico will not win against brazil or anything south american country to be exact

  2. USA BABY!!! ALL THE WAY!!! Mexico can kiss my ass. First win at the Aztec.

  3. Well the last game USA played they got embarrassed by Brazil 4-1 and then Mexico played the exact same team a couple of days later and dominated a 2-0 win. Above all of that this game is being held in Azteca.

  4. unknowsoldier714

    well last time they played it was a 1-1 draw and the usa would of won the game if it wasn’t for torrado fouling rogers from going clear on goal.

  5. mexico blows cant wait for this us win

  6. USA, all the way.

  7. Mexico is to Señor

  8. pff the US is gonna get rapped in the Azteca, Vamos Mexico!

  9. Mexico will win. No way the U.S. will win at the Azteca. I am both a Mexico & U.S. fan by the way.

  10. hworkdedication

    No way USA will pull a victory NO WAY, MLS players going too Mexico playing in AZTECA?!? They are going in the lions den and will get eaten lol

  11. Looking forward to this match. Hoping for a victory.

  12. dcunitedfan4ever

    good to see mls players getting a chance to prove themselves

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