U.S. Soccer: Women’s National Team Unfiltered

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Wenn dein kind irgendwann 2010 geboren wurde und du aus welchen grnden auch immer eko sentino ghostwriter noch kein kindergeld beantragt hast, solltest du das jetzt noch ganz schnell nachholen

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  1. she is, isn’t she.

  2. Gawd Kelley’s little growl. 🙂 Amazing team, amazing personalities.

  3. And amazing growls!

  4. hahaha, how not lovem! 😀

  5. “No that’s not your game face. Dude yea, there you go.” LOL.

  6. im here for alex morgan lol

  7. One of our cameramen still hasn’t recovered!

  8. We’re gonna miss that smiley game face!

  9. Abby saying “Dude, that is not your game face. Yeah, there you go,” in the
    background when Mittsy is showing her “game face”. And KO’s pre-game ritual
    is basically common sense. What is not to love about this team?

  10. kelley is so adorable <3

  11. “if I told you i’d have to kill ya” -LOVE ABBY!!<33

  12. 1:18 Abby correcting Mittsy’s game face haha 0:11 😛

  13. Heath Mitts? What’s wrong with this video description .. 🙂

  14. Kelley is sooooooooo adorable i cannot….

  15. Alex Morgan hnggggg

  16. playsoccerallday11

    kelley o hara totally just completed this video

  17. Well done! This video does a great job capturing the wonderful
    personalities of the USWNT.

  18. They filmed Hope’s game face, but after stretchering off a few camera men
    they realized they couldn’t approve it for the general audience. Save that
    weapon for the opposing team.

  19. LFCTheMightyReds

    kelley is so funny

  20. Thanks! We love the USWNT too – check out the Hangout we just did with Abby
    Wambach for more hilarious stories about her teammates!

  21. True..

  22. Seriously, how much do I love these girls?

  23. where’s HAO with her game face?

  24. Is Heather’s game face the best? Alex looks pretty serious. Tough call.

  25. OMG Kelley is so adorable *-*