U-20 MNT vs. Turkey: Highlights – July 23, 2012

Movie Score: four / 5

In meinen augen sind twitter und ein blog besonders starke partner, wenn ghostwriter-hilfe.com/hausarbeit/ es darum geht, einen expertenstatus aufzubauen

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  1. cute little play at 0:37

  2. Tehehe, milk cup.

  3. chrisschwartz88

    Chris here, A US Soldier stationed in Grafenwoehr, Germany. Thanks for all of these great videos. Sometimes because of the 6 hour time difference it’s hard to catch all games. But i still try. Thanks again to you all.

  4. USA USA USA!!!!!!

  5. Aykut Ozer played well… it’s unfortunate that he gave up a goal like that

  6. Our youth teams are bringing along great young players who will make our domestic league and senior national team better.

  7. Mexico won this tournament

  8. I feel like we play Turkey a lot lol.
    Great game, good chances and good goal keeping, good to see.

  9. ArtetasPerfectHair

    that set piece was master class

  10. I was joking.

  11. I suddenly feel like buying some non-descript type of milk.

  12. haha yeah, but it helps to give the idea of what is potentially threatening plays. Helps educate the new fans of the sport to get an idea of what plays are threatening or not. Just the same as MMA. Americans booed when fights went to the ground, and know they cheer for technical moves on grappling. Education is key and to help understand the sport.

  13. PherociousPanda

    My favorite set-piece play at :37, and badass purple sky

  14. PherociousPanda

    I bet you do the same thing when you watch a game too.

  15. no its cool, I think its great that you guys are posting videos of the future potentials. The senior team clouds the news world, and I think that this sport is growing and we should know who are helping that process at the younger levels…thanks for the vid post and reply! Great job!

  16. Hello, you’re right! We’ve added a link to the match report which includes the lineups to the video description. Sorry about that one and thanks for the feedback!

  17. Love the guy making the random noises. “Ooh!” “Yes!” “Mmhm”

  18. what was the line up for this match…would be nice to know these things in the future.

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