Trumpa��s controversial views are even affecting the USA national side

The USA national football team has consistently been able to qualify for the FIFA World Cup since 1990 and Bruce Arena is hoping that he can help them do it once again for the 8th consecutively time.

After having played 8 qualifying matches, USA has sealed 9 points which positions them at the 4th spot which is actually enough to advance to a play-off round and have a chance to qualify for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup.

However, with 2 more qualifying matches left to be played, Bruce Arena is hoping that his team can collect positive results in these remaining games and have USA finish in a higher spot in their CONCACAF group.

Bruce Arena is the head coach of the USA national football team and he has recently talked about the journey that it has been trying to qualify for the biggest football competition in the world and he has stated that Donald Trump is affecting his team in a negative way.

a�?Our immigration policies are impacting people in Central America, right? And there’s probably a little bit of anger over that. Then your national sport gets a chance to play the U.S.; I’m sure that becomes very meaningful.” Bruce Arena said.

Since Donald Trump was officially selected as the president of United States, his views, ideas and decisions taken in regards to illegal immigration which has even affected their national side as well as their chances of qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The 2 final qualifying matches of USA are scheduled to place on October 6 and 10 as the team of Bruce Arena faces off with Panama and Trinidad and Tobago respectively. The USA outfit will have to collect positive results in these upcoming matches in order for them to ensure their ticket into the next FIFA World Cup which is looming on the horizon.


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