Thierry Henry scores hat trick in MLS action for New York

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  1. 1:41 hahahah

  2. The big gentlemen of football

  3. ffffffffffffffff7154

    he went from playing for barcalona to redbull…

  4. I love all the ignorant English acting as if MLS is an easy league. As if Henry never scored a Hat-Trick in the EPL.

  5. thierry henry… thierry henry

    p.s mls defenders give to much space and dont get close enuff and be physical

  6. I don’t care what league people talk about. If you have Thierry Henry, you always have got a chance to win.

  7. Like if your a gooner!

  8. Its funny how they call him hunry instead of Henry….lol my icon, legend, favourite striker of all time.

  9. He made me love soccer!

  10. I have so much respect for this comment

  11. 2nd goal the defenders need to be right on his back, one of the best strikers of all time has the ball in your 18 and you give him 6 yards of space? not a good idea. But the play in MLS has improved by a lot in the past few years

  12. Why does the commentator put a really thick, really bad french accent on when he says Henry’s name? i know he’s french but jesus.

  13. I’m english and I like mls I’ve been following it for a few years now and you can really see how much it is improving. The people who label it shit are people who don’t watch it. Obviously it is not to the standards of the premierleague but of course it’s not going to be. MLS started in 1996 and for a league that is young I think it’s doing really well. Dunno why people just can’t be happy that america have joined the rest of the world in football.

  14. Get Clive and John Motson on

  15. henry the gift wonderfully clean masterful goal aah May

  16. “Dominating MLS” LMAO! He isn’t even the best player for New York let alone MLS.

  17. The problem is the dont have the champions league, it would be great if there was a big world cup but for teams.

  18. @DougB541 if you were an avid red bulls fan, you would’ve accepted that ticket to watch your team play and you think if it is January or December and it’s freezing, that there’s gunna be less support then your a fucking pussy and all the other people who didn’t go.
    And if you think hand egg, baseball, or basketball is better than football or rugby, then how come your the only nation. That play it.

  19. Always been a fan of his and the whole American Fulham team, wasn’t anything special till last season though.

  20. I got 2 words for you bro. Clint motherfucking Dempsey.

  21. @dougb541 what exactly does America dominate the entirety of Europe in? Being fat bastards is all I can think of.

  22. MLS isnt a proper league though

  23. hishamtheoutlaw

    a 34 year old henry dominating MLS. Just imagine a 25 year old henry would do 50+ goals.

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