The WNT Hits the Links

Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. SarahTremblay21


  2. I just realized Tobin is holding in camera

  3. can we take a moment and appreciate the fact that christen press is in this video.

  4. they didnt have Kelley’s color :(

  5. i was wondering the sae thing, i want toget them! i ant seem to figure it out 🙁

  6. they need more videos of KO….i seriously crack up when she just talks

  7. hollywoodwerewolf

    I hope this never stops being the top comment on this video.

  8. “I’m not gonna get the ball because I don’t wanna get my shoes dirty”

  9. hollywoodwerewolf

    I’m thinking Heather Mitts has played golf before.

  10. Hahaha KO’s seriously the best.

  11. “Bogey, bring it home”
    I love Kelley O’hara!

  12. JorresAlegria05

    me three

  13. what shoes is kelley o’hara wearing?

  14. hollywoodwerewolf

    KO’s quite funny, whether she means to be or not.

  15. “you’re not facing the hole” I love this part, it is gif’ed by me on tumblr, had to do it <3 K.O

  16. JorresAlegria05

    @ 0:18 is that alex morgan in the background ???

  17. syd “we r not going for power we r going for placement”

    hits it the other way of the hole

  18. These women say some of the most hilarious things I’ve ever heard. I would KILL to travel on the bus with them for a day.

  19. 0:52 i think kel might end up killing someone or a small animal… BUT NOT A SQUIRREL (listen closely)

  20. SheKickBallsBIGballs

    omg me too

  21. I’d love to be best friends with KO 🙂

  22. more like where could i get sydney leroux

  23. BOOGEY BRING IT HOOOOME! Yeahhhhh! *Misses high five* Lol love Kelley!!

  24. Nike free 4.0

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