The USA Faces A Tough Opponent In Argentina

If you saw the recent match between USA and Argentina you would have surely enjoyed the match. It was a pleasure to see Lionel Messi in action.

The record breaking player helped his team into another historic win that day. The team was catapulted to the finals of the Copa America as a result. The USA team was unable to stand up against the fury of the Argentina team. Indeed, Lionel proved himself to be a record scorer yet again. He has become a record goal scorer with his achievements as well as helped his team to become world champions for the second time as they defeated US at a score of 4-0. The finals are now looming up for the team. It was certainly a pleasure to see Messi in action. The free kick that he provided in the 32nd minute helped to take his goal score to a total of 55. The crowd of 70,858 was ecstatic to see this magnificent player in action at the NRG Stadium in Houston.

With the latest victory Messi has gained more accolades under his belt. For instance, he is now world player of the year, five times in a row. He has scored five goals in the Copa America tournament itself and he hopes to help his country to get a major title which would be after 23 years. The superstar from Barcelona helped to start the opening goal and also in the build up to the third goal. He assisted as well as was instrumental in getting the victory for his team. He dedicated his achievements to the work of his team and stated that he was happy with the record that he has generated. He also stated that it was an honor to play the game with his team mates which was a team effort at the end.

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