Studio 90: WNT Reflects on Gold Medal Game

Movie Ranking: 4 / five

But if you can pull it off properly the returns are likely to be phenomenal

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  1. oh´╗┐ Okay, Thanks ­čśë

  2. That’s because she was still on the official 18 player Team USA roster, the alternates aren’t on the´╗┐ official roster and are usually only used if a player gets seriously injured and can’t compete any more.

  3. yeah but Nicole Banhart didn’t get´╗┐ out to play, and she was up there, and got a medal…

  4. all carli´╗┐ talks about is herself.

  5. megasoccerchic27

    I understand what hope means. The defense goes through a lot an nobody gives them any credit. I would know as a sweeper if I did good it was brushed off but´╗┐ if they scored just once suddenly it was all my fault. Sometimes its a no win scenario unlike the offense. Everyone though has their role so congrats us women’s you got gold!!

  6. oh, so they could only´╗┐ go up to #18, got it.
    i hope she changes back to 20!

  7. From a fan from the´╗┐ small island of Guam. I’m sooo happy for the team.

  8. Parents, Thank You for taking your daughters to soccer practice at a very young´╗┐ age.

  9. when she said the last edition of studio 90 from the olympics i think i shed a tear…these videos are´╗┐ my life….:'(

  10. TangledUmbrellas

    You know, I’m a huge fan of this team, but I wasn’t the one out on the pitch or in the training room day in and´╗┐ day out. These girls worked hard for this chance and the success. They deserve to congratulate themselves. Most of the “fans” you talk about only come out to support during big tournaments, not when they’re playing in the Concacaf or what have you. So get over yourself.

  11. Thanks Heather S. You make these girls look spoon good. You make it look so easy. NBC looks like a bunch of rookies to your in-depth reporting. We would have never known how special this team really is if´╗┐ it wasn’t for you and Studio 90. Thank so much;)

  12. Germany is always´╗┐ behind and Support you. The US are unbeatable.

  13. They should make´╗┐ a women’s MLS, how hard is that to make? just give them same kit templates the men’s teams are using and play at the same stadium they play in, heck I bet the regular MLS fans would love it! WMLS! FTW!

  14. kinda pissed that they didnt air this game on NBC not NBC Sport Network, at the time they´╗┐ had some other random sport on if i recall, But grats to the LADIES of the RED WHITE AND BLUE! You guys earned it!

  15. Thanks for keeping us updated, Heather! Great debut!´╗┐

  16. hollywoodwerewolf

    Abby is speaking for the entire team when she thanks the fans. She is the diplomat, the woman´╗┐ with media savvy. She is a class act.

  17. hollywoodwerewolf

    well that’s a bit´╗┐ of good news. Thanks.

  18. SO´╗┐ proud of these women!

  19. Japan looked like the stronger side in my opinion, everything player is very comfortable on the ball. Also tge will feel agrieved to have 2 very strong penalty shouts turned away considering the referee in the Canda´╗┐ game gave the US a penalty for nothing. But Japan did have alot of look on their side in the WC last year.

  20. djgabrielpresents

    it was live on NBC Sports , you´╗┐ didn’t read my comment

  21. djgabrielpresents

    it was live after the´╗┐ game, did you read my comment ?

  22. Don’t blame the players. You never know what they were asked or how the´╗┐ footage was cut. The entire time has ALWAYS been very grateful for their fans.

  23. My hat is ALWAYS off to Abby, but I gotta disagree with you and everyone else who is saying things about the WNT lacking humility or being too full, of themselves. They’re a great squad (and perhaps one of the best of all time) and they deserve to be lauded for their accomplishments. After last years WC disappointment there isn’t any reason why they can’t bask in the glow. If they had won both the Gold and the WC final, then I’d say´╗┐ ok, maybe, but lighten up. Greatness HAS been found and EARNED!

  24. you do realise these things are edited right, just because it didn’t show the´╗┐ other players thanking the fans it doesn’t mean they didn’t, ussoccer porbably edited it so they wren’t all saying the same thing over and over

  25. In my first´╗┐ post I meant to say last year; my mind had a minor lapse of judgement. ;}

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