Studio 90: WNT Recap Thrilling Win Against Canada in Olympic

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  1. Aww their fam clips are cute

  2. Pulling that official is the smart thing for FIFA until issue is settled. Remember that the ref and linesmen are in radio communication and the ref can verify on the field if indeed the goalie was warned. The 3rd 16 second delay by goalie is a penalty and other teams ball, indirect outside the box. Read the rule book. Yes it is seldom called but most goalies don’t continue holding for 16 seconds. She forced the refs hand. Unlucky for Canada.

  3. Any coach will tell you tactics are different when behind vs playing even . Linesman officially confirmed after game that goalie WAS given official warning at start of second half. It was a controversial tough loss and it understandably hard to take. Calls were missed but that’s always been the case in sports.

  4. *cheating till the last moment

  5. well they didnt score in those 11 minutes did they? so canada would have won. the ref practically gave the tie breaker to the americans. they needed to be babied in order to have a shot. and erin mcleod was NOT given an official warning.

  6. It is a Canadian city and a most beautiful one at that. Olympics were well done. Canada proudly won many medals and topped it off with stunning gold medal hockey game. All major cities have a dark underbelly that shows itself time to time. Nature of the beast.

  7. Vancouver. 72 series disrespect, Burtuzzi incident, riots. Beautiful city. Sports town I can’t stand

  8. I would not want to be a keeper but it is the #1 most important position and toughest to master. Win or lose, I love my keepers.

  9. If Canada continues to improve as they showed the world at the olympics they will surely contend for the top spot. I hope they qualify for the world cup. Sinclair is first team all world! A great new rivalry in women’s soccer is born.

  10. Not sure? Would have to add up all the costs to field and train a team last 4 years plus travel expenses. Hard to put a price on sacrifices players made to make the team. the wins were costly but in the end it appears it was worth the effort. I hope Canada pays more attention to sports not played on ice. The Canadian women represented very well

  11. Show us the rulebook where that is a penalty. Since when is a game won with 11 minutes to go. No one knows what would have happened in Regulation or a shootout. The ref did not score any goals, only players. Those calls could have gone the other way but once made never reversed. Head stomp could have been called and Canada short second half. Did Canada file an appeal?? Center ref and linesman communicate via headset. Linesman confirmed goalie was warned about delaying.

  12. That’s what makes the US women’s soccer team the best in the world. They never give up, they’re fighting to the last moment.

  13. Boy the crynadians don’t know how to let things go. you LOST get over it move along enjoy the bronze.

  14. (cont’d) Sure, she plays physically, but that’s her job, and when she’s wrong, she’s generally called for it. She also gets her ass kicked ALL. GAME. LONG., so she gets to throw her body at other people a bit.
    Canada played extremely well. The US won. And that’s the way it is.

  15. If I were Canadian, I’d probably be upset at the outcome of the US-Canada game. However, I would not, and DO not think it was dirty play on the American team’s part, just not stellar officiating. ALL of the controversial calls were subjective. By the letter of the rule book, they were legit. By the level of play, by the way those kinds of call are usually made…ehhhh. But do NOT, for one minute, blame the likes of Abby Wambach for questionable calls. She is a class act all around. (more)

  16. Sabrina Jedward

    abby wambitch.

  17. hope solo did the exact same things like stepping over the line but the ref never called it. a despicable day in olympic history when cheaters win gold.

  18. ps the US made the exact same fouls but the ref only called them on the canadians. gold is expensive i wonder how much the US paid for theirs?

  19. HAHAHHA DID YOU NOT SEE THE DIRTY TACTICS OF WAMBACH and her team of cheaters like trying to intimidate the ref by counting loudly when mcleod made a save. that’s called UNDERHANDED CHEATING and that to me is completely underserving of any medal. it was obvious who was the better team considering the ref tied the game. canada won while the US got the credit.

  20. Please don’t generalize an entire country based on the actions of a small group of people. There are a lot of things that happen in the USA that I’m sure you’re not proud of but I don’t judge you for it. I’m extremely happy with our bronze and I’m very glad that USWNT got the gold. Let’s show some more respect and move on.

  21. Yeah, I heard they threw a Bruins fans off a bridge and killed him. No lie. It’s disgusting…

  22. I do not think it was intentional.

    Anyway, congrats USA -Gold

    Japan -Silver

    and Canada – Bronze

    This will be wonderful for women’s soccer.

    Can’t wait for Canada 2015.

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