Studio 90: WNT Preps for Korea Republic

Online video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Pinoe ya volvió de Francia, las demás no se 🙁

  2. Marcela Restrepo

    Naaaa dónde está Rapinoe, Ashliyn, Ali y Amy Lep :S

  3. It’s a friendly who cares

  4. because it’s just a friendly…not like they’re playing for the World Cup on artificial turf -.-. It’s also a matter of respect. You would never see the men’s game on the highest level being played on artificial turf for the World Cup. This is a step back for the women’s game.

  5. 1:32 cutest thing ever! KO and Alex!

  6. Where is Pinoe? 

  7. Am I the only one that noticed that at 0:50-0:51, Alex was wearing the top of her socks over her knees? I thought she didn’t do that, at least I’ve never seen her do that before. I have to say, that’s very sexy of her, as I am attracted to female soccer players who do that. -_-

  8. i love abby’s show’s

  9. I’m not a fan of how the team ‘complains’ about artificial turf for the WC, but them doesn’t do it when they are about to play in the worst turf in America?(which is Gillette stadium, according to everyone in MLS)

  10. Boring

  11. I see you Kelley and Alex..weirdos!

  12. Not awesome and boring

  13. LOL at Alex Morgan calling someone a youngster! Love this team!!

  14. hollywoodwerewolf

    I hope Wambach gets a goal or two today.

  15. HAO in the background

  16. Abby in her serious mode. I’m glad they play in Boston! #bostonstrong

  17. korey isapeanut

    at about 1:32 is ko trying to teach alex the eyeball thing she did w ali riley in the new year’s vid? xD

  18. Love this team. For me it’s always even nicer when Krieger’s in these videos. Let’s get it Saturday!!

  19. LFCTheMightyReds

    Good to see Ali

  20. #bostonstrong