Studio 90 Extra Time: Post-Game Edition with Sydney Leroux

Movie Rating: four / five

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  1. hollywoodwerewolf

    An athlete with dual citizenship has a choice: put in 110%, sacrifice her time, her family, her body to an international team that has a greater chance at Gold or a team that can eventually win a Bronze. I think Syd made the right choice.

  2. newgroundsbwanahmady

    I dont really like women who are tatted but… syd is beautiful

  3. newgroundsbwanahmady

    she’s so cute god damn

  4. “if he celebrated like i did, then he’s probably at the vet” lol

  5. She’s not a traitor you fucks, one of her parents are american, and she’s lived in america a lot longer. She also qualifies for the american team more than Canada. Stop getting upset because shed rather represent the US

  6. she is really cute.

  7. I went to the same elementary school as her…nice to see her doing so well in life 🙂

  8. Who thinks Leroux is sexier than Alex Morgan?? Morgan has a cute face but her body is meh..but Leroux’s body is da bomb!

  9. Sydney Leroux 🙂
    What a hottie. And I agree, for such a hot chick, she lacks the quality pics on the web. They’re all meh.

  10. Hooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttie

  11. She is fucking hot, I think hotter than Morgan 

  12. How is she a traitor? Isn’t one of her parents an American? All she did was choose the team of the country that she wanted to live in, which just happened to be the US.

  13. no I dont 🙂 believe me we got prospect lol

  14. 2:30 “out” can really hear that canadian accent, love it! 🙂 beautiful goal celebration!

  15. shes so hot, doesnt seem to photograph well though-i’ve been looking for a pic of her for my desktop but they all seem to be meh. Weird that! not feeling the neck tats either but she still fynne lol

  16. I looooove her ♥

  17. Sydney leroux is sooooo sexy!

  18. Yes I remember seeing Abby pointing towards the goal.. <3 I love this team so much.

  19. I was definitely tearing up when Sydney scored!!! Go USA!

  20. Why is everyone so in love with Tobin? I hate the way she plays, she kinda sucks to me.

  21. great great ball by tobin

  22. TOBIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. kellyqueenofpop

    amazing goal and for syd to get it, was even better. the look on her face, i think we all felt her emotion of that, 1st olympics, 1st goal..this is why we love our #USWNT..they are awesome they always come together and act like a team , on and off the field. on to face canada!!! lets goooo! and great assist by morgan on the goal by abby.

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