Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers Highlights

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  1. stupid fans they act like if they love football and wondering if they know
    who Falcao, Bender,gundogan,bale,marcelo, reus, teofilo anelka, toure,
    silva etc… and im saying 2nd class players cause i bet all they know is
    just messi,cristiano or ronaldinho

  2. MLS going in the right direction in an American way…. gotta have ur own
    spin and flavour. Well done US and MLS

  3. Love it. Your commentators sound just like in NBA. Although the game
    quality isn’t really that high you make up through the show spectacle from
    the venue and crowds. Hope that one day you will make some more room for
    this sport. Peace


  5. I think I remember reading somewhere that Seattle has the highest
    percentage of college graduates per 1000 residents in the USA. I guess in a
    manner of speaking you could call them the smartest people in America.
    Being the smartest people = recognizing true beauty. Recognizing true
    beauty = recognizing what is the most beautiful and precious game of all.
    thus the explanation of Seattles love for world football, regardless of
    what its peers wrongly think is better (gridiron).

  6. proud to be apart of ESC!

  7. if only every MLS game was like this! this is why i love soccer in the
    pacific northwest! best supporters in the MLS!

  8. Fuck off portscum, You might as well cherish holding that dumb piece of
    wood up because that will be the only thing you guys will ever hold.

  9. And yes, DC United plays their MLS matches in RFK stadium.

  10. Ignorant Eurosnob

  11. go suck two dicks you fuck

  12. Timbers 2 – flounders 1. You’re welcome. X D

  13. Alltothemaxgamers

    Idk Seattle just loves soccer 😀

  14. Easily some of the best fans in the entire country. Who says that Americans
    are not passionate about their soccer?

  15. Awesome atmosphere, this is what is called, CLASICO!

  16. LA, new york and philly are pretty popular… DC United will look a lot
    more popular when they get a stadium that isn’t falling apart (reason a lot
    of my friends won’t go to the games). Kansas City since their rebranding
    and new stadium have become much more popular, and the Houston Dynamo have
    gotten much better attendance since they got their own stadium

  17. So that makes you one of roughly 10,000 people that go to SJ games at Buck
    Shaw, the smallest stadium and the lowest attendance easily in the MLS. My
    point stands. Stadiums don’t necessarily have to get filled to 100%
    capacity if their huge stadiums.

  18. We love our Sounders! And the rivalry with Portland is as intense as any
    Patriots/Jets or Red Sox/Yankees match!

  19. Jeld-Wen (Portland, OR)

  20. Yes as a sounders fan with season tickets the sounders fans are awesome

  21. so hard to say. I went to the Nou Camp in Febuary and the atmosphere was
    unbelievable. 100,000 came even at -4. Dortsmund’s atmosphere sounds like
    something from the movie 300. Wouldn’t want to be an away team at their
    ground. But any Eastern European country takes football like religion. They
    love it and they stand up, sing through the whole game and show their
    passion. I support Tranmere Rovers from English league 1. Search Tranmere
    Vs Notts county + Tranmere Vs Preston (beckhams 1st club)

  22. They averaged over 43,000 this last season.

  23. and htown