Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers: A Day With The Timbers Army

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Basically, they try their to create a return and pay it back every single month

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  1. your picture+ comment made my day

  2. Sad portScummers. Your club displaying “pride” is nothing but comedic relief.

  3. Nitsalnit Thapas

    SEATTLE 12th MAN

  4. Nitsalnit Thapas


  5. Nitsalnit Thapas


  6. Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers has been a rivalry since 1975. It’s still definitely not like some of the very old rivalries you can find in Europe, but it’s older and much bigger than you think. If you think this video is cute, go watch the highlights of the game hosted in Seattle. 66,000+ fans.

  7. iluvfireworksssss


  8. Portland vs Real madrid

  9. “We eat children…” Well geezus Timbers Army.

  10. Yeah that’s what I am getting at. I like the chant as well. But they literally looked like they were all over that kid.

  11. It’s all fun and chants until a flounders fan gets eaten. Watching a match at Jeld-Wen is addictive. It’s the first place I watched a professional soccer match, I think I would be disappointed going anywhere else. rctid.

  12. Timbers fans play with plague cats…sounders till i die!!!…from natural causes not from being crazy saving dirty mice from dirty alley cats. but seriously Portland fans weren’t that bad, everyone got along, kind of. It was a good time either way.

  13. PatrickHamartia

    Well yeah. I don’t support the swearing and all but the chant itself is totally harmless.

  14. Juan Escalante

    I watched the game live. I looked behind the Timbers’ goal and thought, “Wait — is that Jimmy Conrad?”

  15. Too bad the Timbers suck big time. Sounders win cups, Timbers are chumps.

  16. drew sorbello

    HAHA That guy with a chainsaw… he’s a freaking REBEL!

  17. I get joking and all, but straight cursing at kids isn’t cool what so ever. Sure they will pick it up elsewhere and eventually, But set an example, especially at these type of events.

  18. SirHumpsalot888

    Thats a new one APESH*T

  19. pz fiveohthree

    Aw. No fun. 😉

  20. pz fiveohthree

    A ‘little’ before the 90’s, but thank you just the same. 🙂

  21. PumpkinAddiction

    I was there! I shook Jimmy’s hand before the game! Awesome!

  22. no doubt, sounders and timbers have the best crowd support in the mls league. Chicago fan admitting it :P.

  23. Oh I know, I just meant that I think the atmosphere in Seattle is something he should check out too! Experience both sides!

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