PREVIEW: USA vs. Mexico

Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. Mexicooo bitchesss fuck those gringos usa can eat my chorizoo

  2. Oooooooow they are hot in Mexico them muthafuckas are mad

  3. BLAH BLAH. SHOW ME THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Friendly match my ass USA kicked Mexico’s ass.

  5. Usa!usa!usa! Motherfuckas!fuck mexico! Usa!!

  6. JerryBalcazar88

    Happy for the USA 🙂 I really really hope they can build on it I want them to roll strong into the world cup and this coming from a mexi fan ^.^

  7. Mexico attacking and the U.S. counterattacking, well played, you will exceed Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay claiming your own right as the new king of America playing that way. (Sarcasm off)

  8. Yeah, the U.S. is the new World Champion, congrats for winning the, mmm, Aztec Cup???, or which tournament you won today??

  9. The usa men have won nothing in soccer and they think they better for just a weak as win in a friendly match

  10. You celebrate an exhibition match, pffttt, big deal, win at least half of the tournaments we had won and then we talk.

  11. LOL brek shay raped you guys

  12. no need to call him a white boy

  13. As a Mexican-American, Im so proud of players like Orozco, Gomez, and Torres. Im so sick and tired of them being criticized by Mexicans for being for THEIR country. Let them play for their nation. the USA!

  14. hahahahaha ok???? relax white boy we still have more victories than u =0) lmao??

  15. Im Mexican-American and unlike most people who are like me….I cheered FOR the United States. Go USA! Mexican by ethnicity but I realize that MY roots are in the USA. Im born, raised, and a US kid.

  16. relax “bro” ur celebrating a weak ass win….hahahahaha

  17. USA is now better than Mexico in everything you guys had soccer but nothing now

  18. Dude, you could say Mexico got lucky against Senegal and Brazil too. Im sorry but just give it up. This is a loss that Mexican fans need to just accept and be quiet. Mexico had their best players minus Dos Santos and they lost to a B USA team….a team that didnt even have Donovan play in the second half…

  19. Mexico did dominat the whole game but im happy for Usa 🙂 CUZ THEY HAVENT BEAT MEXICO IN MEXICO EVER. So I could tell they needed this.

  20. Im a mexico fan 🙂  good for the US lol finaly

  21. Lucky is a part of the olympic Mexico was lucky too they just scored from stupid mistake against Senegal and Brazil junior.

  22. Mexico dominated the whole match, and was far more superior. The U.S just got one lucky goal. LOL if it wasn’t for Howard your goalkeeper, Chicharito would’ve scored twice near the end of the game.

  23. Usa usa uss usa usa usa usa usa usa usa come out méxico fans

  24. You dont win every time you deserve to win, Mexico deserved to win unfortunately they didn’t score in the opportunities they had

  25. The had to make an announcement in the stadium to stop pointing lasers at Tim Howard’s eyes.
    Stay classy Mexico, Not!

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