Portland Timbers@Seattle Sounders FC (Clint Dempsey’s Home Debut)

Video Score: four / 5

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  1. Fuck the sounders by the way people were chanting at us the whole time to
    go home hahah

  2. ToniKallioInMyHeart

    Pretty much the only two sets of fans in the US that sound decent, even
    good. The rest are pretty horrible.

  3. I’ve never been to an MLS game. The atmosphere looks pretty good! Wasn’t
    expecting this in the USA

  4. Aaron Broadhead

    The chants are boring compared to english teams

  5. echaiz pescador


  6. Lupe Sandoval

    No, Seattle fans are nothing special, but the Portland Timbers Army are
    real fans! Watch these clips, but in reality you need to experience a game
    at Jeld-Wen Filed to appreciate the madness. /watch?v=s50SvZm9jQE

  7. ya you guys got bigger dicks….. up your ass

  8. mtstatehk14090914

    Man the timbers chants were so annoying and dumb

  9. From an LA Galaxy Fan – You guys in Seattle know EXACTLY how to show for
    and support a team. You guys are amazing fans (even though I want the
    Galaxy to stomp your team’s face in). Good luck to you guys and your
    season, Sounders!

  10. echaiz pescador

    Really?? U call this fans??Look at this……/watch?v=vPzLuNvSqng

  11. i was seating by the Seattle fans! and throughout of the game you could
    hear the Timbers army across the stadium .!!!! I like your city Seattle,
    but Portland has better fans.

  12. Joseph Whalen

    I was at this game…so many people were there it was crazzzy I brought
    like ten Portland timbers fans up too

  13. Byron Castillo

    Chants are boring to argentinian fans.